November 14, 2012

besides my loving parents, i know one other person reads my internet rambles because this person requested a blog post update on my life. so to that person i say, maybe we should just talk more?

but still, here i am.

last week a professor from the department of recreation management (my department!) came to speak in my accounting class. lately i've been wondering if struggling through these business classes was really going to end up being worth it for this dream major of mine. accounting is so painful. and i've only heard the worst about econ. but this one professor who came and spoke to us made me so excited all over again. he talked about the goals of the program. he talked about helping people have meaningful experiences - wrapping a memorable, life-enhancing experience around whatever service you provide.
meg and i went to the first men's basketball game of the season with some people from our ward last week. t-haws played really well, besides breaking his free-throw record. pretty sure i jinxed that one though, so we don't talk about it. after the game i did my first tim-tam slam. so i think i've officially been initiated into this utah/byu culture now. ps - i'm really good at it, and kevin wouldn't even try.

the picture of pretty food is another result of me having the world's sweetest roommates my freshman year. on monday i ran into lauren on campus and we talked so long that she skipped her english class. instead she walked around campus with me while i ran errands, then took me to the skyroom for lunch. the skyroom is this fancy, hidden restaurant on campus where normal people have their wedding receptions and people like the dean of students' daughter eat lunch almost daily. 

that beautiful golden paper with happy things written all over it is a fraction of our thankful wall. the spelling of iphone has since been corrected. i'm an embarrassment. 

it snowed, a lot. i need better winter clothes, but oh wait i'm moving to florida in fifty-something days. and then on sunday night meggnog, carlyfries, and i wrote a bunch of missionary letters because if you can't join them, support them. waaait.

a couple weeks ago i smashed my headphones in my laptop. now the screen is all whacky, but i'm not going to do anything about it because this computer is ancient and i'll probably get a new one next year.

aaand finally. i've had my iphone four since the summer. it's had a few tiny falls and barely had any dents or scratches. until last week when i was walking through the wilk, pulled it out of my pocket, and gently dropped it on the ground. result: bottom left picture where i apparently look like i'm twelve but i won't say who said that. the apple repair guys in the bookstore said they'll fix it for fifty dollars, so i prepaid for that on friday. 

then on sunday i sent that thing flying through the kitchen. result: bottom right. the boys in the bookstore don't fix that, but i found a place in provo that will do it for about ninety. great, i've been looking for a new way to spend one hundred fifty dollars! don't reprimand me. i bought a case, it's in the mail.

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I love your blog, so make that 2 readers besides your parents. :) I'm sorry about your phone. At least there's a way to fix it! :) See you in a month!

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