First Steps to Adulthood: Final Step

December 16, 2012

You need a birthday, of course! The twentieth birthday you've ever had.
before you can do that, you need a good final picture of you being a kid.
Mine was December 4th.
The first best thing was when I randomly checked the mailbox that morning on my way to school.
a card & gifts from bsagw and a letter from decker elder.
Second best thing was when I was halfway to campus and my uncle Chad pulled up next to me and drove me the rest of the way! Twenty year olds are not late to class. heh.

I went to French, Book of Mormon, and then devotional with my.. by myself. But everyone knows I love some quality Erin time, so it was really okay. We had a member of the Seventy come speak about prayer; it was wonderful.

Next best thing - Paige, Bruce and Hazelnut picked me up for lunch! First stop was the cell phone repair place where I dropped of my suffering phone to be fixed. Then we headed across the street to Cafe Rio, back to pick up my phone, and then to campus for a photo shoot before I crawled off to accounting.
After my classes were all over I took a French test.. .. …. . And then Molly picked me up! "I'm the the twenty year old in the sweater waiting on the side of the road." We went to Olive Garden and ..Smith's. Only Provo's finest! really.
Molly dropped me off at the Wilk just in time for my Disney meeting! It was really fun getting to talk with people who have done the same program I'll do next semester, plus I loved meeting the other people (mostly girls) who will be there with me.

Let's see more birthday week highlights!? yes.

Paige told me months ago that she had already bought my birthday present. But she also said she hadn't decided if she should give it to me for my birthday or use it for our family white elephant game at Christmas. … .. … . The weekend before my birthday we were all at Molly's house so Paige brought her gift for me then. I opened up the bag a pulled out … a pineapple. You bought this months ago? Turns out there was another part of the gift she had left at home - a pineapple corer! AS SEEN ON TV.

I thought it was so ridiculous and funny. until I used it. This is one of the top ten kitchen inventions of all time! It is so easy to use. Way faster than how I usually cut my pineapple, way less messy.
if you still think it's a silly gift, maybe you don't know that i love fresh pineapple.
My birthday was on a Tuesday. Friday night Kacy and Steven threw me a party! We had cake, (Creamery) ice cream, (Creamery) salsa and chips, and coookies. We played Curses, I was let in on some intense bro talk after all the other girls left, then we went to Sonic for milkshakes. 
steven cut my piece of cake in the shape of an E!
birthday week treeeats.

-Alex recorded a very original birthday song I listened to over the phone in the library.
-LJ called me a zillion times during accounting, and when I told him I couldn't answer because I was in class he told me to get out of class because it was my birthday. I stayed, but called him after.
-My roommates put up cute birthday signs around the house, and Meg bought me a First World Problems book.
-Meg and I also treated ourselves to a finals week gno with some of the birthday coupons I collected.
-While half the Emmett family was gathered at Jim & Mary's for dinner on Sunday my cousin Will, Lorin and I all blew out birthday candles on the yummy cake Molly brought.
mr. bruce and me at mary's dinner.
I really was so grateful to be feeling better by my birthday. I've always loved birthdays. Now that I'm at BYU I wish mine weren't so close to finals week.. But I'm so thankful for everyone who made it special this year! I'm a lucky twenty year old.

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Yay! I'm so glad you had such an awesome birthday :) ...then you painted your nails with your new nail polish, right? Bring it to the cabin in TWO DAYS!

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