First Steps to Adulthood: Getting Better

December 12, 2012

I'm convinced I'd still be curled up in my bed exhausted, itchy, and withering away without any school work done whatsoever if not for everyone who took care of me while I felt so, so crummy. So whether any of them read this or I just use it to remember how blessed I am, here's this list.

The Four Best Siblings. I feel as if I may not be able to thank Molly and Austin for everything they did over Thanksgiving break. Paige and Ben both checked up on me through texts, which meant more to me than I realized such a simple thing would.

Lesa & Papa Smurf. How many phone calls from her youngest, stressed and sick and upset daughter can a mother stand in one day? A lot, if she's the best. Luckily I have the best. My mom is willing to listen to me go on and on at just about any time of the day for as long as I need. I don't know how she gets any work done with her three daughters calling as much as we do. But I also don't know how a phone call with my mom was so comforting when I felt so terrible. Other than listening, my parents couldn't do much from so far away. I know that's not a great feeling for a parent.. My dad was sneaky and sent an e-mail to some of our Utah family so they could take over the role of the parents. as any good brother and sister/uncle and aunt would!

Meg & Carly Jo & Stacy. The biggest challenge for these three this semester may have been putting up with their sick, upset, exhausted, moody fourth roommate. I can't count how many times each of them has picked me up or given me a ride somewhere. Stacy picked me up after I threw up in the library, then brought me sprite later for my upset stomach. All three of them were always so friendly and helpful to me, even if that meant leaving me alone when I just wanted to curl up and give up.

My Uncle Chad. He found out I was sick and brought me a Brick Oven pizza and bottle of root beer that lasted me an entire weekend and into Monday. When he came to drop it off I mentioned I had just finished a big research paper that was due that evening. He thought it was ridiculous my professor still made me turn it in by the original deadline when I had e-mailed her and explained the situation. He even offered to call her! But I had already finished the paper, so we decided it was okay.

My Aunt Mary. I came back to Provo after a second overnight stay at Molly's house, and Mary brought me a big dinner of soup, rolls, and jam. This past Sunday she also invited about half of our extended Emmett family to dinner at her house. Two days ago, as I was finishing off the soup she brought me last Monday, I realized Mary's soup had fed me just about every day for an entire week. Plus I was finishing it the very day after the huge Sunday dinner in at her house. Mary is a saint. and a really good cook.

Judd. This kid. He drove me to the Health Center the first time, took me to WalMart the next week to buy medicine, convinced me to buy food while we were there, then came back to my house and cooked it for me. This past weekend he came over when I was locked out, and he found a way to break into my house. He also brought my favorite ice cream to my surprise birthday party last week. This kid.

Steven & Kacy. These two are my accounting study group. Steven is an Asian angel. He's an accounting genius, so twice a week he helps Kacy and me study. He always puts in extra time around midterms and now finals, even when he's super busy himself. Something about the Accounting "Junior Core".. People say it's "hard".. I don't know. He also covered a bunch of my shifts this semester. Both of them always check up on me, give me rides, and listen to me whine. Angels, these two. Plus they're some of the best when I just need to laugh.

My home teachers. I don't know them very well.. In fact I think I had only met them twice when I decided to ask if they would give me a blessing. I hesitated to call, but then I remembered that's what they're here for! so I sent one of them a text and they didn't hesitate at all. I even got a follow-up text from one of them a few days later just to see how I was doing.

Mlle Daniel. The sweetest French teacher, sweetest faculty member at BYU. When I e-mailed her to ask if I could postpone my test she not only let me do that, but also offered me tons of other options I could do from home to get the same credit for things I would be missing on campus. She really took off so much stress, and never stopped asking what she could do to help.

Everyone who called or sent a text or said a prayer, it really meant a lot. These days I feel pretty great.

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I'm so glad there are so many angels to take care of you... and I'm glad you realize how blessed you are. :) I can't wait to see you!

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