animal kingdom and money well spent.

January 31, 2013

These are the only four pictures I could get to upload, so let's start with these and I'll get you more later, yeah?

On Monday Brigitte, Codi, Taylor and I went to Animal Kingdom. I'm an honest person, and honestly I had pretty low expectations for this park. Well don't judge a park by everything you've heard about it and the fact that you don't really like animals, people! I loved Animal Kingdom.

Except I didn't love the first thing we did there. None of us did. First we rode Primeval Whirl, which is basically like Mousetrap. It was dumb and painful. Forget that ride ever happened, guys. Because next we rode Dinosaur. Codi tells me it's exactly like the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. And I'm telling you this ride it scary. Codi and I held hands for eighty percent of it.

Eventually we made it over to Expedition Everest. We had a fast pass, but got in the regular line first and then just rode it twice in a row. This picture.. ha. This picture is from our  first ride. These faces are real, people. We know where the cameras are on a lot of rides, but we definitely didn't know on this one. Brigitte, the girl in the yellow, is too good to be true. I can't even look at her! My cheeks hurt from laughing every time I do.

the picture from our second ride is pretty good, too.
the faces in the second one are planned,
but they're all executed perfectly.
i'll get a hold of that one someday.

We also danced with girls in Asia and a sweet band in.. Africa? We played on some drums and then ended the day on the Kilimanjaro Safari, which was actually way cool. Our driver was from Illinois, and we met a really adorable Scottish girl. Oh, and the animals. They were good, too. I liked the elephant most I think.

Guys, my sisters really like animal prints. Cheetah print, at least. I kept seeing these Mickey ears for sale around Animal Kingdom all day, and finally I couldn't help myself. This one goes out to my nuts-o sisters who I talk to on an every-other-day basis lately, mostly only about Disney things..

So, thank you Animal Kingdom. You showed us a really good time and we haven't even seen Festival of the Lion King yet!

Guys, I really like five dollar movie bins at Walmart. This one was the best I've ever seen. Look at these! I already own Hot Rod and She's The Man, DUH. So I limited myself to two and bought Nacho Libre and Footloose. Pre-tty satisfied that night. You know what else I bought for roughly six dollars? White knock-off Keds, obvi. Nothing brings me the same kind of happiness I feel when I have a new pair of white sneakers.

Also I reeeally like riding bikes! You never knew? huh. Well whenever I work at Animal Kingdom I get to ride a bike from the security gate to the building where I check in. Don't mind if I do! The bikes are pretty janky, but they get the job done. Plus they all have cute baskets! and I just really miss my bike.

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thebrokeadventurer said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I HAVEN't BEEN ABLE TO FIND HOD ROT ANYWHERE MY WHOLE LIFE. If you see that in the 5 dollar bin again, I demand you buy it for me. Pretty please?

Love the ears.

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