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January 22, 2013

My job is the best and I love it. I just finished my first real shift! Luckily I met up with the other performers working my shift early on. Totally by chance, and they helped a ton.

Our shift was so fun, despite the literallyinsaneguestswhohonestlymustnotthinkaboutwhatthey'redoingever.. I met a bunch of awesome cast members, and I thiiink I did mostly everything right. I asked a ton of questions, and I'll probably keep telling people that I'm new for a while. It's an excuse, but it's true!

I probably had three moments during my six hour shift where I realized yet again, that this is my job. This is my job! I'm a character performer at Walt Disney World! And then that kinda makes all the crummy parts worth it and the awesome parts even better.

Shout out to Ethan who gave me a one line, much needed, seriously affective pep talk via text message before my shift.

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