buses and boys, lockers and mix-ups

January 29, 2013

I know I have so many things I want to post, but a lot of them are waiting on pictures from my roommates' cameras. So here's a story to tide us all over.

One Saturday night I got off work and went to meet my roommates at Epcot. After the fireworks show ended and the park closed, we boarded the first bus of our two-leg bus trip home. We headed to the back and sat by this Moroccan kid; my roommates instantly struck up a conversation with him as if they were all old childhood friends. I didn't recognize him, but I thought maybe he lived in our apartment complex or they had met him at church.

As we were all getting off the bus, the Moroccan kid and I ended up at the back of the line. I told him I didn't think we had met, and I introduced myself. He shook my hand, looked directly into my eyes, and repeated my name probably five times. Yes, it's very important. Cement it into your brain. I asked him his name and completely understood zero percent of what he said. I figured I'd just ask my roommates later.

We walked through the building that would lead us to the next bus stop, and somehow in those sixty seconds we managed to talk about where each of us was from and that we both liked to ski? I also asked him how to spell his name, and he showed me his name tag: Yacine. ... still didn't know how to pronounce it. I'd ask my roommates later. He told me his locker was just around the corner. and would I like to see it? ..sure?

So I ventured off to see this boy's locker and (I promise this post is rated PG) all my roommates kept walking out to the bus stop. He asked me when my next day off would be, and I told him I didn't work the next two days. Well he had Monday off too, so let's go to Epcot! ..? He was really friendly and I knew I'd be able to convince some of my roommates to come, so I gave him my number. He called me right then so I'd have his number, too. That was about the point I realized all my roommates had left me.. I told him I needed to go catch up with them.

When I saw all my roommates on the bus they weer giggly as could be. Sooo..? I asked them what the kid's name was and none of them knew. We thought you'd be able to tell us! ..nope. Did he get your number? Well, yeah. I thought you guys knew him!

Turns out they had only met him the previous night when they had come to Epcot and spent a significant amount of time in the Moroccan restaurant where he works.

. . .

They totally didn't know him. 

Meanwhile on the bus, one of my roommates and I realized we didn't have each other's phone number yet. So she gives me her number, and I (try to) send her a text.. 
and it's a mess.

The first two texts were seriously sent in the exact same moment. I don't even know what happened.

Yacine: I reely nice to meet u..it's Yacine
Erin: AFTON THIS IS ERIN. hey. :)
Erin: Sorry! Wrong number! Hahahaha my bad. So nice to meet you too!
Yacine: Oh it's not eiren who meet in Epcot
Erin: Oh no, this is Erin! I just meant I sent that first text to you when I meant to send it to my roommate, Afton.
Yacine: Ok  how was your day?
Erin: It was great! I spent most of the day at work then met up with my roommates at Epcot. How was your day?
Yacine: It was great to busy but at end I meet one beautiful girl  that's why is fantastic day

... and then we proceeded to sort of make plans to go to Epcot on Monday, but that never happened. Maybe someday, Yacine. Maybe someday.

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Erin Emmett, breaking hearts all over the place. Big fat surprise. PS--it is probably obvious to you that I am catching up with your way exciting life through your blog.

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