happy hometown new year.

January 06, 2013

I got to Charleston on New Year's Eve. I don't have any pictures from that night, but I spent it at Alex's house with BSAGW. I will never tell any of you what that means, so just move on. We played pool and pinball and ate lots of snacks. The next night we had our traditional BSAGW Christmas. Complete with a fancy dinner and gifts.

just two of my favorites.
seriously love these people.

Then I got to see Ashley! It was so fun eating lunch with her, catching up on school and friends and boys, driving around aimlessly like we used to, and running into her cute mom at our brand new County Market. ..it's the little things. I really miss this girl when I'm away. I'm so glad we'll hopefully be seeing more of each other this semester!

my picture is old, but we're still both cougars!
charleston, il.
charleston, il.
charleston, il. i went running once, can you believe it?
charleston, il. no, really. charleston is home to the very
first jimmy john's and i'll tell that to anyone who will listen.

In Provo, Utah it is basically a sin to never had seen The Lord of the Rings movies. I'm constantly offending people when I tell them I haven't. So while I've been home, I've watched the first two (extended edition, mind you). So now here's a tangent explaining how I feel about Lord of the Rings thus far:

I don't like The Lord of the Rings. (but I still had fun watching the movies with my best friends!)
I don't like any of the bad guys they are all terrifying and disgusting and seriously the last people I want to find in my dreams at night. I also don't like how all the characters seems so.. non cohesive. I don't feel as if Pippin and the orcs belong in the same story at all. 

That being said, I love all the hobbits and Legolas and the dwarf man.


I almost forgot the most important thing I have to say about Lord of the Rings! about Frodo Baggins, specifically.

this is frodo baggins. i mean jimmer..

so this is jimmer fredette. no, frodo. what!?

Conclusion: they are the same. When I wasn't drawing parallels between Harry Potter and LOTR, I was obsessing over the identical jawlines of Jimmer and Frodo.

fastest pop machine in the world. lerna, il.

I really have loved being in Charleston, though. I've loved eating at my favorite places, spending time at my parents' house, seeing old friends on purpose and running into other people by chance. After a week though, I'm ready to move on again. Good thing this time I have somewhere pre-tty exciting to move on to.

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