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January 15, 2013

Sunday we took the bus to church. CP's make up about forty percent of our ward, and there are roughly five male CP's and maybe twenty-something girls. It's going to be good times. I was really surprised to realize that about ninety-five percent of the ward is connected to Disney. If someone isn't a CP, they started as one. or came for a professional internship. or they work full time for Disney. I don't know why I didn't expect that, but it's definitely the way things work here.

After church and lunch, my roommate, Hayley and I took the bus to the Polynesian Resort and relaxed on the "beach" by their lake. Mostly I talked to my mom on the phone, but talking to my mom on the phone while I'm swinging in a hammock is a lot better than talking to my mom on the phone while I'm sitting on my bed. It was nice to spend time outside, but not running around through crowds of people.

I also got a lot of reading in - Book of Mormon and Heaven is Here

Sidebar: I've seen Stephanie Nielson come into the Creamery probably three or four times while I've been working, and I always wuss out of saying anything. After reading this book there is no way I let that happen again! If I ever see her when I'm back in Provo I'll straight up tell her how incredible and inspiring she is. and then hope she never gets sick of hearing that stuff.

On Monday I played volleyball with the elders and other people from our ward, plus three Italians sporting short shorts and attitudes. I went to the pool and did my laundry, read my book, and went to FHE with muh roommates. We finga painted!

the ones who painted.
close up. ooh, too close.
is this proof megatron checks my blahg from the hold land!?

Today wasn't actually lazy; I woke up super early for my first day of training! Let me translate that phrase - "first day of training." I rode the bus to Disney University, sat in a room with other character performers, watched videos and listened to our presenters preach about safety, courtesy, showmanship, and efficiency in the work place, ate lunch in the cafeteria under Magic Kingdom, watch Dream along with Mickey in front of the castle, went back to a computer lab and did hours of safety training videos. I met some cool people, though. and got my schedule for the rest of the week!

We also heard a big long lecture about how careful we have to be about posting things and even telling any non-performers, within or without the company, about what we do.

So, for the record. If anyone takes a picture of me while I'm working I can't be tagged or labelled in it in any way. I'm guessing the only people who would want to do that or have questions about it are (Paige and Molly) close enough to me that I'll talk to them about it eventually, but I just thought I should put it out there. I also can't really say a lot about my role - except that I do work in entertainment and I'm pretty good friends with some of the characters. This feels odd to say, but if anyone really has questions I always love a good phone call!

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