see ya, provo

January 04, 2013

Just a jumble of pictures from my last days in Provo. ..until next April. This semester wasn't my best, in more ways than one. But I'll take it, and I'll make the next one better.
one time i thought it was a good idea to wear this during finals week.
turns out, i was right.
it's been said this is the most flattering picture ever taken of this house.
it wasn't said by me, but i agree.
i thought i could rotate these ones i uploaded them to blogger?
too lazy to go back, so turn your head.
this is from stacy. cuuute!
the last supper with megsican!
so, sammy's. obvi.
she'll be off to jerusalem the same day i check in at disneyworld.
head turn again. flowers and new tunes, don't mind if i do.

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