simply having.. part two.

January 04, 2013

Yes, yes. Still simply having a wonderful Christmas time!

I love love love going to Logan for Christmas every year. Both my parents grew up in Logan and all my grandparents still live there. It just seems like the only right place for us to spend Christmas. I love eating the exact same meals my grandparents always serve, singing the same songs in my grandma's front room every Christmas night, watching the little cousins dress up for the nativity, I love it all.

So my pictures are, as always, random, low-quality and sporadic. But I like them.
logan got lots and tons of snow!
what a good son to clear it off the sidewalks at his mom's house.
never get tired of seeing this gem at my grandparents' house.
i'm the little, happy one with the same haircut i have today..
i don't know what they mean about theses "terrible twos."
she's just cute.
i can't get enough of this girl!
and boys can't get enough of this! ..jk. maybe.
also the mistletoe wasn't my idea.
but i wasn't hard to convince.
my cute sister and our niece who probably thinks this is her mom.
just some grandma/granddaughter bonding.
I'm so glad I got to spend time in Logan again this year. I loved talking with my grandparents, playing with all the babies, seeing Les Mis with my cousins, and eating.. everything. so much eating. Utah Thanksgiving may have disappointed, but Utah Christmas always delivers.

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