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January 04, 2013

..a wonderful Christmas time! My dad hates that song. Merry Christmas, Dad!

Last year my immediate family started renting a "cabin" in Midway so we could have one place that fit us all for Christmas. We're kinda big on traditions, and I tried to get pictures of our favorites.

wittle baby niece isn't looking too happy,
but i tried my best. 
sassy little six year old niece watching
who knows what cartoon.
(while the cabin was still clean i guess. whoa.)
oh, my heart. the two year old's cookies.
santa made a special visit on Christmas eve before the kids went to bed!
the twenty year old's cookies. so.. mine. yes.
also we had no chocolate frosting for gingerbread men,
so i made the grinch.
gingerbread houses! (graham cracker houses!)
the creativity level gets more competitive by the year.
so.. this.
and then the sister's do their nails, of course!
i'd say i'm pleased with my growing collection of colors.
Pictures from a real camera!? I stole them from my sister's blog.
everyone's gingerbread houses/castles/african huts/boats.
i don't believe there was ever a year we didn't all get new pajamas.
siblings at sister's birthday lunch.
Seriously my favorite part about this "cabin" idea is straight bumming around after a week of finals. I hate to leave the cabin once I get there. I love to stay warm inside taking naps, watching movies, cooking, and playing with my cute nieces and nephew. I just love being there with my happy family I don't get to see very often! Opening presents is good, too.

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