two posts in one day!?

January 15, 2013

I'm trying to stay away from long posts, but sometimes I have a lot to saaay!
So I'll split 'em up.

I've just been thinking about how grateful and happy and proud I feel to be here.

When I was talking with my mom the other day she mentioned that a lady in our home ward thought it was so great I'm here in Florida doing this Disney College Program. because it's such an opportunity! to learn and to grow and to be here on my own, to be working for this company, to have the role that I do. It's such a perfect time of life to do it, too. I'm in this small window right now where I don't really have anything or anyone tying me down to one spot. It makes me grateful I found this opportunity and took it.

It makes me happy because.. it's Disneyworld. I never claimed to be the biggest Disney fan, but I've always enjoyed it - the movies, the characters, the music this company creates. I'm convinced anyone - admitted Disney fans or not - would feel happy being here. The environment inside the park is unreal. It's completely alive all the time. There are so many beautiful buildings and enthusiastic cast members and cheerful music and crazy excited kids. It's a beautiful place, really. I can't imagine a happier place to work.

So now I'll admit it, that I'm kinda proud of myself. The other day I was sitting on the bus thinking, "how exactly did I get here?" Completely on my own in this brand new place. It was never a life-long dream to do this, I just sort of decided all the sudden and now here I am!? I felt proud of myself for taking a chance this big, for doing something that I knew would be scary but make me so happy, too. I felt proud that I had applied, been accepted, auditioned, been selected, flown to Orlando alone, and made it everywhere I had needed to be in this big, unfamiliar place so far.

Now sometimes when I'm missing my sisters or Provo or the Creams - 'cause dang it I do miss that place - I just remember all this stuff and I feel better. I let myself get really excited because.. well, come on.

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