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February 28, 2013

Yesterday Codi, Taylor and I went to Hollywood Studios. Our main goal was to meet Frozone from the Incredibles, but I don't have those pictures yet. So here's the parts of our adventure I did get on my camera! ..phone.

Disney Channel Rocks! Are we too old for this? Yes? Could I totally be a dancer in this show? Yes. We were the most excited audience members - way more excited than the people in front of us shooting dirty looks our way every time we started singing along.

#pushitpushittothelimit #we'reallinthistogether

We found the bakery with the famous, yummy cupcakes. Codi and Taylor split one. I.. didn't split mine with anyone. It was red velvet with toffee on top! gimme a break.. As soon as we started eating, our conversation went absolutely silent. We all decided that was a good sign of not only delicious food, but also good friends. When you can sit with people in total silence for a few minutes while you devour cupcakes and no one feels uncomfortable, you're in good company.

"bomb-a cupcakes."

Then we ran into my dear friend, Green Army Man! I so enjoyed my day working with this one. Even if I'm not exactly soldier material quite yet.

#nothingbutacoupleofgirls #whaaat?

After Hollywood Studios, we laid by the pool for a little bit and then headed to Epcot for dinner. We had time to kill before our reservation in Italy so we wandered the World Showcase. I will never be able to spend enough time at the World Showcase. I bought caramel popcorn from the caramel store in Germany, and we also kind of stalked Photopass Mike.. Taylor and Hayley bought dessert in France, and we ran into a really happy girl celebrating her 21st birthday.

And this one goes out to my half Japanese accounting tutor (and way good friend. haha), Steeeeve...n!

herro prease from epcot!

Shout out to Molly - I ate at a really fancy Italian restaurant and didn't let myself order fettuccine alfredo! If I could recap the lecture Molly gave me on my 20th birthday about not always ordering the same thing.. Oh man. So instead, I ordered.. this. It had egg noodles and zucchini and mint sauce and.. some cheese.. I dunno. It was yummy, but not super flavorful. At least I was brave and tried something new, right? 

#foodpics #greeeeen

I loved spending my day off with my fun roommates! I'm really so lucky to live with the girls I do, every single one of them.

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