keep moving forward.

February 06, 2013

I'm blogging from my phone again to document one of the worst three day periods of my life.

Alright, that might have been extreme.

But last week was straight crumbs!

On Wednesday I found out some pretty great news about my new friend, Aurora. I wanted to celebrate so Brigitte and I went over to Epcot that night. First we rode Soarin' which is, mm. good. [also rumor has it that when JB was in Orlando not long ago, he rode it too. we probably sat in the same seat.] Then we speed walked over to Italy for gelato. This is where the crumbs start falling. We made it to the gelato stand ten minutes before closing, but they wouldn't let us get any. #rude

Instead I bought an overpriced cookie from somewhere else and we watched the fireworks. By the time we got home I realized I didn't have my Disney ID or my housing ID. Smoooth. Luckily the security guard still let me in. I'm sure my complete distress was more than obvious.

The next day I spent all morning on the phone trying to find my IDs, but no luck. I had no way to get to work without them, so I called the base to let them know. Enter mean lady who answers the phone. That conversation and my feelings toward her are recorded elsewhere.

She put me to tears, but fortunately a roommate group hug followed that call. I ended up getting a temporary housing ID and for the most part enjoying the rest of my day.

The next day I made it to work but had to call security to let me through the gate. This man wasn't happy with me, either. Well sir, I woke up late that morning and missed my bus so I wasn't too excited myself.

For the next two days, work was pretty frustrating. Working in entertainment, I use those IDs of mine a lot. Getting on buses and buses and buses, clocking in and out, checking out costumes.. But I worked with so many helpful, understanding people. I owe the entertainment base managers at Animal Kingdom a fruit basket.

By Friday evening the mean lady who answers the phone and I actually found ourselves on pretty good terms. I had called her I don't know how many times and eventually she realized I wasn't a total idiot, just a new girl having a rough week.. She was nice. Tanya. She really likes Vampire Diaries.

Also, on Friday night I got a phone call telling me my IDs were at Epcot! ...they weren't. but I didn't find that out until going all the way there late Saturday night.

I made more phone calls on Sunday, realized there had been a little bit of major miscommunication, and finally found those dumb little cards! What a feeling to have them back. Really, what a feeling.

So last week was a struggle. But I said a lot of prayers, made a lot of phone calls, had a lot of help, and survived it. Man, I deserve a treat.

Really, though. "Keep moving forward" is a Disney thing and "keep pressing forward" has been jumping out at me from every stinking page as I read the Book of Mormon. Lesson learned. And as far as last week goes, mission accomplished.

. . . . .

Also, I forgot to originally post my jam from that most terrible week! I have no idea what the video is, sorry if it turns out to be offensive.

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Jake Emmett said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

This reminds me of President Hinckley's analogy of life as a train ride that has some boring views and rickety rails but we keep moving forward enjoying the occasional beautiful views but most of all with gratitude for being on the journey in the first place.

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