lately i'm loving..

February 26, 2013

white chocolate, rice crispy treats, green beans - French cut - and especially combinations of the first two.

riding the bus. Honestly. I've always loved going on long drives to nowhere, and there's just something about these long bus rides all over Orlando that I've really come to love.

my 90's Pop pandora station. I know all the words to all the songs!

finally trying to save money. The other day I didn't even bring money with me when I left the house. This method is effective.

hercules. It's a hilarious movie and has the best soundtrack. Plus it brings back memories of my sweet Hercules computer game I had back in the day.

feeling excited. About my job, my friends coming to visit SOON, my family coming to visit later.

alma 5. Alma in general.

learning I can take up to five biotin vitamins a day. Girl gon' grow dis hair long. Then probably end up chopping it, as is the trend..

and disney everything. Surprised? ;)

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