pictures! too much #plaid?

February 09, 2013

turns out even orlando is cold before five am. #plaid

$.99 "cast appreciation" superbowl meal. thanks, disney.
my own little corner of the universe. #plaid
idk, my bff aurora.
too much aladin charm, too little thought put into my pose. #plaid
this duck is eeeating me. #plaid
he's pretty cute, really. #plaid
i can get you the number to this phone booth. #plaid
germany. #plaid
eye focus, guys. really. #plaid
forever favorite disney romance: max and roxanne. #plaid
also, what is Max wearing? Where are the baggy light wash jeans and his red hoody? The least they could do is put him in that hot Powerline outfit..
if there's one thing disney's taught me, it isn't how to make extravagant dinners.

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Love the pics! Plaid is my favorite color :)

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