valentines and chivalry, falafel and free soda.

February 22, 2013

I'm not here to brag about my Valentine's Day full of endless love.. but I'm not complaining about a day completely void of it either. My Valentine's Day was overcast and drizzly, but I had the day off work which was nice. I exercised, took my time getting ready, and headed to Magic Kingdom. I took my first picture with this guy, and I think I rode Space Mountain.  ..because I usually ride Space Mountain.

he is too precious, right?

I guess I sort of had a valentine because someone sent me this.. But we definitely didn't see each other that day and he didn't even call me either, so I'm still deciding if it counts.

I didn't take this picture on Valentine's Day, but let me say I was not feeling any love from the city of Orlando when I did take it. Aren't the cars supposed to stop for me? Pedestrian right of way? We aren't in Charleston anymore, Erin. And we are not in Provo, either.

Sidebar: Chivalry is so dead in Orlando. I don't know if it ever existed in Orlando.

I did, however, feel some love the day I took this one. I went to Downtown Disney to look for costumes and gifts and good times, and.. as per usual.. started craving a burger. I ended up with this falafel veggie burger that was only okay and didn't satisfy the craving. But most importantly I came away with a free drink because when the boy at the register tested my knowledge of hand hugs, I surprised him.

I think the girl working the other register had just taught him how to hand hug. I walked up the next minute, and he asked me for one. So, I put my hand up to his and we wrapped our thumbs around each other's hand. He was so impressed. When he asked if I wanted to add a drink to my order and I told him just a water he paused and said, "soda's on the house" as he handed me the cup. And even though I didn't really want a soda, I didn't pass it up.

I also took a picture of this way sweet valentine a Japanese girl gave to Pluto last week.

HAPPY Valentain's Day
I am so happy because I can meet you.
You make me happy.
Thank you Pluto.
I love you!!
From, Aya

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I Love the Pluto Picture and the Pluto Valentine! Because Valentines should make you feel loved and happy :) and I'm glad you got to ride Space Mountain :)

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