my head is all jumbled

March 07, 2013

..so today my blog is, too. [also I wrote this a few days ago, don't tell.]

Do you ever have so many thoughts and things you want to say, but maybe no one to say them to.. or at least no one who probably cares? Well then start a blog, duh.

. . .

I don't think it makes much sense when you lose something that you haven't had for very long and everyone goes, "you lost it already?" Well, yeah. I'm not accustomed to having this new something, okay? I'm not used to keeping track of it yet.

. . .

Nothing ruins a good day like realizing you accidentally bought waterproof mascara, amirite?

. . .

I want to grow my hair out long enough to donate. Or do I want to chop it, Emma Watson status? Because really I don't know, so someone better tell me what to do.

. . .

I do want to serve a mission. I'm not saying at this point I know whether it will actually happen, but I'm not afraid to say I want to go.

. . .

When I finally buy myself a new computer, I am going to make this blog so legit. Someday I would love to have a sweet blog that tons of people like to read. Am I allowed to admit that here? I guess I need to learn blogger etiquette before that dream will ever happen. I also need to buy a nice camera and learn to take nice pictures. 

And I want to make a tumblr. There is so much neat stuff floating around that place.

Also I changed my instagram name. @erinrayemmett
Get at me.

. . .

Distance lends perspective, and that is the truth. On a completely unrelated note, getting away from Utah and all the boys inside it for a while was a good idea on my part.

Not to go and turn this into a Dear Boys, but sometimes I really would like to have one of those things. A boy, I mean. One who is interested in listening to all this nonsense I have to say and who is around most of the time to hear it. One who will ask me how I am and care about the answer, eat lots of ice cream with me, and tell me all about his own thoughts too.

. . .

I'm sad I missed BYU's basketball season this year. I love my school. I'm excited to go back to Provo when the time comes. Seriously, who knew I would miss that place this much?

. . .

I really like almond milk. and journaling. and words words words in general.


Katelyn said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh Erin, I just love your blog, and I get so excited when you write a new post, so keep it up!

Also, I totally agree with the waterproof mascara thing. Theee worst.

Denise said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love you, Erin! I will read your blog regardless of who else does or doesn't or the nice camera you do or don't have or if you wrote it from your phone or a nice computer or from Provo or Timbuktu (is there such a place? No funny squiggly line telling me I spelled it wrong so there must be....I MUST google it!)

Always love reading your thoughts...your words words words. You are intuitive, genuine, funny, wise, and have a lot of grand perspective. I wish I had been more like that at your age. Maybe I was and just didn't know it...like you don't know it about yourself.

Regardless...you rock! Remain EXACTLY who you are and some wonderful boy (hopefully a man) will come along and listen to your heart. I remember dating a guy that one time when he asked me how my day was and I began the saga he replied, "Cut the mumbo jumbo...was it good or bad?" Yeah, not the boy I married needless to say. And how could I end this LONG response without saying something about you serving a mission? Hmmm....not much to say, just happy to hear you say it! I am alwasy pro-mission....but I value you whatever happens in your life. Glad you are learning and growing at Disney world (even if you lost something so soon after getting it)

Love you!

Molly Seawright said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You're adorbs. I miss you. I can't wait to see you and have you back in Utah! I'm glad you're learning so much! Distance makes the heart grow fonder! ...whatever you find yourself far away from :) (me, of course... you must be pretty fond of me by now. heh.)
I love your blog! I LOVE reading your thoughts and am almost (but sometimes not at all) embarrassed about how much I learn from my little sissy. I only wish I had such wise words for you... and others. Keep on keepin' on! Stop losing things, girl. But, it's a good thing you have good hunting skills to combat that.
Luh you.

Aubrey Burton said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Your blog is seriously the best. I love reading it! I get embarrassingly excited every time you post. You're my favorite.

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