one seriously magical day.

March 02, 2013

Yesterday Madison and I went to Magic Kingdom for.. basically only one reason. We really wanted to hear the Dapper Dans sing boy bands songs. That was the Limited Time Magic this week, and we were running out of week!

At first the Dans sang all their normal type songs, none of which I recognized but all of which sounded great. They told all their funny jokes, and I somewhat subconsciously ring checked all of them, even though they were old?

Then for their final number we got what we had anxiously been waiting for. The most beautiful medley of Backstreet Boys to One Direction to NSYNC you've ever heard.

We also took some pictures with my best puppy friend, Pluto. So lovable, that one. You know who else is pretty lovable?

Madison and me.

And Peter Pan.

We were the losers girls waiting for Peter on the wrong side of the bridge.. Thank goodness we finally spotted him. He was all worried about us having treasure in our satchels that needed to be buried before it was stolen. Always looking out for his friends, you know?

On our bus ride to the park we met a girl named Alexandra who works at Big Thunder Mountain. She told us to come visit her, so of course we did.. and she ended up giving us this ultimate Fast Pass type thing that let us walk right up to pretty much the very front of that long, long line. Okay, thanks!

Right before we were seated Madison was talking about how with some roller coasters you want to be in the front and with some you want to be in the back and Big Thunder Mountain was definitely the kind of roller coaster where you want to be in the back. 

So then we got put in the very front and it didn't take me long to understand why that was the worst place to be. 

On Big Thunder Mountain the front cars basically creep down all the steep hills, and the cars in the back get pulled down way faster. It was so boring but also really hilarious. Maybe the funniest part was the couple behind us who would get all scared and excited for every big hill, and then kind of fall silent in disappointment. 

Well, we had fun. Plus getting stuck in the front was probably Disneyworld payback for not having to wait in line. Thanks, Alexandra. Thanks, Disneyworld gods..

don't ask about my weird finger. gross.

After Big Thunder Mountain turned out to be such a dud we went to Space Mountain, which is never a dud. Our thirty-five minute wait time turned into a seventy-five minute actual wait.. but it was okay in the end thanks again (for real this time) to the Disneyworld gods. 

We already had our own Fast Passes to ride Space Mountain again in about a half hour, then the guy in line behind us gave us his two Fast Passes! After waiting so long he didn't have time to use them anymore. Dinner reservations and nonsense. 

So, we rode Space Mountain three times back to back to back. and had a good time with the camera. And even though it was kinda freezing all day, it was also pre-tty magical.


Jake Emmett said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I swear, we are naming our next dog, Pluto. He's one of my all time favorites now.

Paige said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Cute! I love the Peter Pan, pic. Bruce said..."he doesn't look like this Peter Pan," (holding his doll) Haha, yep! Real people don't look like dolls - or cartoons. Good to know about Big Thunder Mountain, too :) And I think we will be first to get a dog - before Mom & Dad anyway...and WE are naming him Pluto!

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