stuffs i been doing.

March 30, 2013

Yeah, I've been doing stuff.

Like working with Pluto at the flagpole in Town Square three days last week. Marie is cute and all, but obviously we all know dogs and cats don't get along. So Pluto went in for a photo bomb during Marie's personal photoshoot, and then his bro over in the corner helped him out for the double bomb.

she looks cross-eyed, and i know that can't be just my opinion.

Or that day Taylor and I went to Animal Kingdom! Festival of the Lion King blew our minds, then we went to meet Rafiki and the Nemo musical was only meh.

same height, best friends, neat.

Obviously on Monday nights we always go to FHE every week never miss it because we are righteous. We learned how to play dominoes for real, dyed a couple eggs, ate two months worth of sugar, and took a lot of food home with us.

"for fhe tonight we're having diabetes."


One day I went to Magic Kingom and did Enchanted Tales with Belle then ate dinner at Be Our Guest. Crummy iPhone pictures aside, it was really wonderful. The whole place is beautiful, plus I splurged and ordered a ton of food. My fancy drink was pretty gross, but the french onion soup, ratatouille, and chocolatey dessert were goood.

table for one, yolo.

I didn't realize how excited I would be to meet the Beast! We danced and then he had me give him a kiss on the cheek. Not going to lie here, our PhotoPass pictures are really cute. If anyone wants to send money, I'll download them and show you.

in the meantime, a less quality version from my phone.

cinderella's castle from the back.

facetime with these three + bruce. 

This one time Taylor, Codi, and I rode Tower of Terror and maaaybe we were the cause of it shutting down early. It was nighttime and we were in the front row and the whole ride itself just seemed ten times scarier than it ever had. We were all screeeaming and holding onto each other. Taylor broke her glasses on my shoulder if that means anything to anyone. In all the excitement maybe we stuck our hands out over the front railing. "Please keeps all hands and feet inside the ride at all times.." Whoops.

tower of terrified.

This one goes out to Elder Braden Clark who insisted I try one of those "CHICKEN DRUMSTICKS" giant turkey legs. It was okay. Too huge, to 'spensive.

also, check out mia in the back.

Sometimes I go to the pool. One time I tried to take a picture of my view. It was too dang sunny! I seriously thought I had a good picture until I got home and looked at it.


Sometimes I get to ride the Welcome Train that opens Magic Kingdom.

we had a professional take this one.

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