THE BEST part one.

March 19, 2013

Three of my very best friends on the whole planet came to Florida for Spring Break. After a couple days at the beach they drove to Orlaaandooo to see me! kinda. More like they came for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and I said I'd get them into Disneyworld for free so they let me tag along to HarryPotterworld. I'll take it.

Ethan and Lorena took most of the pictures, but I have some. Also I have memories which I will be typing, so I hope you like to read. 

making friends like it's our job.

Okay, first! First we rode the Hulk because it was early afternoon, and we needed something to get our adrenaline going asap. I. loved. the. Hulk.

And, second! Now we get to Hogwarts. HOGWARTS. Bet your bottom ten dollars we didn't mind one bit waiting in line for roughly.. two hours? to get inside that place. 

stuffing our faces with british food like it's our job.

Here is everything I loved about Hogwarts: the herbology garden place we walked through while in line, the thing that measures House Points, the talking portraits arguing with each other, Dumbledore!, the pensive, Harry and Ron and Hermoine popping out from under the invisibility cloak, and the ride, DUH. 

If I had any expectations about that ride (which really I didn't because I knew next to nothing about it) they were all shattered. First Hermoine made us fly and then it was just nuts from there. My stomach turned over when we flew toward the lake, I covered my eyes the second I saw that huge spider, the Womping Willow literally almost annihilated us and I mean it, the dragon breathed out really hot fire, and we screamed throughout the whole thing. It is literally the most perfect ride ever created and totally worth all the money you pay to get into that place.

cutest, kinda shy conductor.

After Hogwarts we were starving, so where else but the Three Broomsticks!? We all ordered one regular butterbeer and one frozen/slushy one with our food. Alexa didn't love the regular kind, so maybe I did maybe I didn't have three butterbeers that day. I've never tasted any drink I loved more. Some sort of magical butterscotch heaven. The frozen ones really are better, for the record. 

We also rode the Dueling Dragons which was so legit I somehow spit all over myself while screaming. What? Who would do that? Gross. Blame it on my intense sugar rush from all those driiinks.


We went to Honeydukes and Zonkos and took more selfies than any group of four ever should. I debated buying a forty-something dollar quidditch shirt, Ethan really did buy a sweet Hogwarts hat, and we all bought candy jars. We looked in all the stores and really didn't want to leave, ever. We stayed in Hogsmeade as long as we possibly could - pictures and planking and finally.. we knew it was time to go. Good thing they just announced The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is getting a massive expansion, so we'll all be back soon. With Alex Smith in tow next time, too.

password: sherbet lemon.

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I believe this is your best work yet! Nice job Ern Dawg. That was literally the best vacation of my life thus far. Miss you girl.

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