THE BEST part two.

March 20, 2013

Best Friends in Orlando: Day Two started off in Epcot. Hindsight twenty-twenty, don't wait so long to ride Soarin'. Not worth it. BUT, once we made it to the World Showcase things were looking good. We literally bought at least one snack/dessert/drink from [almost] every country. Also, there was no stopping the selfies on Day Two. So, here we go.

we ate: nachos and guacamole. 
we missed: meeting donald duck in his poncho and sombrero. 

we ate: desserts! some mousse thing and a yummy pretzel with almonds.
we learned: how to speak norwegian! 
"cheers!" = skål 
"thank you" = takk skal du ha
[google searched the spellings. 
if anyone norwegians read this, i trust you have my back with corrections? 
takk skal du ha.]

we ate: ginger ice cream that kinda burned [and alexa & lorena thought tasted like soap].
we missed: our quarter-chinese best friend.

we ate: okay this one is kinda cheating because only ethan bought a fancy german beer.. but i smelled it! smelled like rotten apple juice.
we loved: the germany mouse ears!

he doesn't drink much, so this gave him a little buzz..
a picture so many never thought they'd never see.

we ate: gelato! strawberry and cookies and cream.
ethan bought: a soccer shirt!

twins. his is cooler. not bitter.

ooh.. skipped you. live there, don't care.

lorena & snow white in germany.

we ate: chocolate/white chocolate candy sticks that came in a cute panda box and the world's most disgusting coconut soda.
alexa bought: fancy chopsticks!

we ate: a lamb ca-bob and baklava.
we loved: aladin and jasmine, duh.

we ate: a baguette, lemon meringue pastry and strawberry pastry.
we loved: everything? meeting belle! 

french II built this massive friendship. we owe a lot to the country.
the only character we met. good thing she's legit.

we: ..stopped here for a hot second to take a picture with the phone booths and remember our long-lost fifth member who is in england this semester.

room for one more in this phone booth, alex!

we: ..literally ran through 'cause we had places to be!

Places like.. Hollywood Studios!
The fastest, BEST visit to this park we could have had.

First stop: Tower of Terror. This Tower of Terror experience was proof that everything is better with your best friends. At first I suggested we ride Rockin' Rollercoaster instead, but when the line over there was too long we "settled" for Tower of Terror. My last experience on that haunted elevator ride was only meh, but with these three it really was so fun! Gosh, I love these kids.

are you telling me leonardo dicaprio wore these very clothes!?

Second stop: Star Tours. 10 minute wait means GO. We perused the Star Wars gift shop and the Indiana Jones gift.. cart. Both were good decisions.

Third stop: Fantasmic! Bahhh. This was the first time any of us had seen it, and it did not dissapoint us. Fantasmic has tons of fun characters you never see in the parks, animations projected on shooting water, intense music and lights and fireworks and it's too hard to describe, just come see it.

Final stop: shopping 'til we were the last guests in the park.

you want us to go home? but we've got selfies to take!

Honestly my two days with these three in Orlando were probably the best two days I've had all semester. I love how well we get along and agree on everything and like all the same stuff and laugh at all the same stuff and I'm just really happy they're my best friends.

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Haha, I love love love this! It seriously was the best vacation ever. BSAGW for life.

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