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April 12, 2013

This little blog of mine has been anything but forgotten. I promise, baby. I think about you every day.

I've just been a little busy is all. And I'll go on and on forever about how it's kinda hard to not have your own computer. First world problems is right.

You see, I was working a lot then my family was here and after that I had to pack up all my stuff and peace out of my little Disney bubble I've been living in.

So maybe when I'm home in Illinois or once I'm home in Utah I'll get around to posting about all of early April's adventures. Really, there were a lot of them.

For now, here's what I'm thinking:

Orlando airport, I'm sorry about the yuck nail polish smell. It's just that it's been months and my ugly nails neeeeeded it.

Of all three states I've lived in - granted, if only for a short time - I like Florida the least. I feel so happy that I get to be in Illinois and Utah over the next week.

I've always loved the feeling of waking up in the morning in one place and falling asleep that night in another. I genuinely enjoy flying.

I'm really excited to see my dad and Meg and eat some El Ranch, Steak N Shake, Costa Vida, and peach drink from Pantrucas.

Also I'm anxious to give everyone their Disney gifts. Smile and act excited or else.

I promise I'll be back on here soon. Stay tuned.

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