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April 17, 2013

You want too many pictures from the day I went to the beach?
And you want all of them to be mediocre iPhone quality?
oookay! you win.

Taylor and I fi-i-inally made it to the beach with almost no time in Florida left to spare. A really nice co-worker of Taylor's gave us a ride down to Daytona, where we spent the day mostly asleep on the sand. Good thing that was all we wanted.

First, though. What at first glance looked like an ice cream truck turned out to be an ice cream.. lawn mower? We may never know, but we did get ourselves some ICE COLD SLUSHIES.

WHO wiped the sunscreen off the back of my knees?

my new bff, the atlantic.

we like all the same things: each other.

real life reaction to a wave, you're welcome.

cartwheel fail #1


aaand #3.


This last one goes out to B-squared and the rest of our #28201 girls who couldn't make it with us to the beach that day. Go hard, get weird. #dcp2013

The trip home from the beach was semi-brutal, but we made it. All the props go to Taylor's unmatched navigation skills and also protection from above. 

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