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May 04, 2013

..because it's Saturday morning, and I'm not awake enough to run or find a computer lab yet. (What's that? I still don't have my own computer?) I don't, so bear with me.

What I want to talk about is my haircut and my job.

My haircut as in, if one more person says I look like Twiggy now I miiight just change my name. Keep in mind only two people have said that so far. Turns out I'm easily influenced sometimes?

Also, this is my blog so I'm going to be honest about my life. I get a decent amount of compliments (and dates?) at work. Here's why: I love my job, so I'm usually really happy and nice to customers. (Unless I'm getting hangry, but that is beside today's point.) A second reason for the compliments may be that I care about how I look at work. It's so easy not to when I'm forced to wear a polo and hat while I make food all day, but I do still wear makeup and cute earrings cuz those are my thang.

So here are a few compliments(?) (sometimes I don't know if they are those?) I've heard since starting work at the Creamery again last week.

Longest story first.

Last weekend an older man came in to get ice cream. I didn't even scoop his order, but he got my attention and started talking to me. After a minute he asked how old I was, and read my name and hometown off my name tag. He said he would love to set me up with his twenty-four year old son who just graduated. He proceeded to show me pictures of his gorgeous wife and single son, and it was all so flattering.

He told me about his son's whole dating life (and mentioned multiple times that this son would kill him if he knew all the things his dad was telling me) and the story of how he and his wife met, he really was just the coolest guy. He must have repeated my name a dozen times so he could tell his son to come in and say hi.

A few days later I'm about to get off work when this same man catches my attention from across the restaurant. Here's this:

"Hey, Erin!"
Who is this old man who knows my name? ... Ah, right. "Hey, I know you!"
"Yeah yeah, are you on Facebook?"
"Because my son came in the other day to say hi, but it was too busy. He said he tried to look you up on Facebook and couldn't find you!" Looks at my name tag.. "Oh, I spelled your last name wrong!" Writes down my last name, spelled perfectly. Then pulls out a full size piece of paper covered completely by a black and white picture of his son that was "just taken last week!"

I was laughing too much so I told him I really needed to get back to work, but he assured me his son would be Facebook stalking me soon. My words, not his.

(Haven't heard a thing from his son yet. Sorry, readers.)

Then a few days ago this other man who was a bit socially.. nervous. He came up to my register about three different times and on the last visit told me I look thirteen, act thirt-one, but he guessed I was actually twenty-one. He told me I should go "work at a real restaurant where you can get lots of tips." Thank you, gentleman.

Last night a herd of Women's Conference ladies came in and one of them told me she thought I was "just the cutest thing! I love your little haircut and pixie nose!" Regardless of whether she actually meant little nose and pixie haircut, she was so sweet.

Two people this week commented on my freckles which reminded me of Thelma Barnett, the token black woman in my home ward who to this day only calls me Freckles.

A lot of my male co-workers have been pretty awkward about my haircut. I know a lot of guys prefer girls with longer hair, and I'm not offended by that in the least. A lot of my female co-workers however have told me they're jealous of my hair. btw, you can cut your hair too! I'm not pressuring anyone, I'm just saying if you want to cut it, CUT IT. It's the absolute best.

I love my job and my haircut. I love how they both make me feel. I love that through each of them I get to talk with people I don't think I would otherwise.

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Lesa Emmett said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love this post! I love to hear about people enjoying the journey and not waiting until the end to be happy. No matter what you do, if you put forth some effort and do it well it will always make you happier. And you will make more friends along the way! And by the way, I also think you're adorable!

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