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June 24, 2013

Here it is, round two!

Most of my cute, cute family came to Florida to visit me and meet my dear friend, Aurora. So sorry I missed this lunch with them, but will you look at these pictures? Will you look at them?? Look at my wittle nieces in their wittle Sleeping Beauty outfits! I should have done this post weeks ago, I'm getting all kinds of nostalgic..

Polly was such a trooper to wear her outfit because I know it's itchy and she didn't want to. These pictures just make me so happy! I love my sisters for how much work they put into planning the perfect Disneyworld trip for everyone, and for me this lunch meant the most. I know it was expensive and they never would have eaten there if not for me.. I'm feeling so happy in this computer lab right now.

Aurora was pretty nervous for this lunch, actually. When she saw my family come into the restaurant she smiled at Molly, but didn't dare look at my mom quite yet. Tears and emotions and things, you know? But even though her mind sort of froze the moment she made it over to their table, these pictures are enough. My little mom's smile the whole time was enough. That may be the one part I never forget. 

I'm sure I could squeeze out ten more posts about this princess, but one the basis of my sporadic blogging reputation maybe I'll just try to cram the rest of the important stuff into this one?

..Bruce was asleep so he got no kiss on the cheek. That little boy behind Aurora though.. he's another story.

Okay, here are two other great things that happened the same day Aurora met my family:
1. Earlier in the day Aurora was dressed like me so she could play in Epcot with my family before going to work. Not that she works.. I mean.. um.. So she rode Test Track with my family and at one point struck up a conversation with the family behind her in line. Then later that day the very same family was eating lunch just tables away from my family! And I don't think that other family recognized Aurora because she and I look pretty different, but wouldn't it have been funny if they did?
2. A mom at another table that day told Aurora, "We go to Disneyland a lot and you're one of the best Aurora's we've seen." Which obviously makes no sense because there is only one Princess Aurora, but how flattering right?

It also would make no sense for a lady working in cosmetology to say to Aurora, "Freckles? I've never seen an Aurora with freckles." But you know what does make sense and melt your heart? Little girls and their moms who get excited that Aurora has freckles because so does the little girl! So let's take lots of pictures of the freckle twins. oookay!

As much as I loved seeing Aurora meet girls dressed just like her, one of my favorites was the girl who came up dressed as Maleficent loud whispering, "I'm not actually a villain!" Aurora seemed a little scared at first, but calmed down once the non-villain reassured her there was no danger. Plus obviously if she were in any danger, Prince Phillip would have been there in a heartbeat. Speaking of Prince Phillip and heartbeats..

Oh my heart, Prince Phillip. If you think you have a favorite Disney prince and he isn't Prince Phillip, um..? None of the other princes are as brave as he is. Seriously, he falls in love and then he fights for his (sixteen-year-old) woman. He doesn't send someone else to do the work like Prince Charming does, and he does do a heck of a lot more than just kiss the girl after she's already dead (Snow White's prince.. who by the way doesn't even have a name at all..) And maybe the three good fairies do give Phillip a lot of help, but at least he's brave enough to go up against the dragon. Plus he is so charming the first time he and Aurora meet in the forest. mm.

One of my fa-a-avorite girls I saw Aurora meet was this tiny Hispanic girl - maybe two years old. This girl jabbered on and on to each of the Princesses at Town Square Theatre in Spanish that none of them could understand. All they could make out was "Mickey Mouse." As in: "adkfjghiutacoakjdhburrito MICKEY MOUSE? holasdkjfhgunodossdjahg MICKEY MOUSE." She ran around the room as if she were looking for Mickey and since she was the last guest of the night we all decided to help her look. As in: "Where's Mickey Mouse? Is he under the table? Am I Mickey Mouse? Are you Mickey Mouse?" She went on and on until she eventually said the only sentence I understood the whole time: pointing at Aurora's necklace, "This is so cute." aaand we're right back to "sdkfjghenchiladaocholskdufhg." 

Aurora also loved meeting my roommates! I don't have a picture of her with Afton, but I have this one from the time Taylor and Hayley brought her my favorite Disneyworld treat - rice krispies, duh. Aurora loved talking with these two! She was laughing the whole time. Also I miss these fools.

I changed my mind and there might be one more of these posts. a shorter one, promise.

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Molly Seawright said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

hahaha. I highly doubt that little hispanic girl was talking about burritos and enchiladas. I guess she COULD have said hola.

That was such a fun trip! Definitely unforgettable. Maybe we'll have to go back again - so you can see Aurora with the rest of us, of course :) Thanks for all your hard work, too! You Dis-Wiz.

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