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July 04, 2013

I had a large Dr. Pepper around 7:20pm tonight, which we all know means I won't be getting to sleep at any reasonable hour. Caffeine does things to me.

Tonight I was praying before I went to bed, and I was so happy. My heart felt more full than it has in a while and then I thought, this is the kind of thing that silly blog is for. To record and share and remember the times I feel like this. 

And, so. 

Tonight my heart is full because of my parents who are more supportive than I've ever realized. They support my ideas and plans and dreams, fully. More on this later, yeah? Promise.

My heart is full of love and respect for my roommates - the kindest, most thoughtful and hilarious girls in town. 

I'm grateful I have two fun jobs and two sets of incredible coworkers. I love the opportunities I get to learn from them. I love knowing that I'm learning how to work hard.

My heart is all full of thanks for a healthy body that lets me run miles through Provo and then work on my feet all day orrr lie on my couch laughing at [and talking back to?] Gilmore Girls, energy levels depending. 

I am so full of love for the 4th of July. Do I sometimes love this day more than my own birthday? Yeah, I do.

So full of love and gratitude for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, my personal testimony of it, the peace and knowledge and blessings it brings, my family who loves and lives it, too.

Literally each of these little bits can be turned into an entire post of its own filled with more reasons and stories and thoughts. 

Give it a about a week and this tiny corner of the internet will blow your- ... well, my mind at least.

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