one homecoming, a farewell, and three free meals later.

July 26, 2013

How many times is too many times for me to write about how much I love Sundays?

Well two Sundays ago was a good one. 

[one homecoming] It started with a Sacrament Meeting in Orem where the sweetest senior missionary couple spoke after being home from the Netherlands for only a week. They're the kind of people you meet on a Tuesday night, then hear them speak in church the next Sunday, but feel instantly welcomed and loved by them before you even met them back on Tuesday. Make sense?

[meal #1] After lunch at their home I headed the opposite direction to hear my patootie cousin give her mission farewell in Mapleton.

[a farewell] This entire Sacrament Meeting was one of my favorites of which I have ever been apart. Also we could have filmed it and aired it as a BYUtv special about the entire Lundberg family. Because they're incredible, that family.

[meal #2] After lunch and a #spontaneousemmettphotoshoot we said goodbye to Jamie for eighteen months, and decided we juuust hadn't had enough food or family for one Sunday.

[meal #3] My brother-in-law's parents have hearts the size ooof.. the moon, and they invited my sisters (and their families.. they have those. I'm just.. with my by myself all the time.) and I over for dinner. Happy Birthday dinner for Austin! He's twenty-five now, but he's no menace thanks to Molly.

My biggest regret of the day was not taking a picture of my plate at dinner in Midway. Jerry and Sherrie make really, really good, really really beautiful food.

It was the best kind of day there is with my friends and my family and their food and our church and that nice summertime weather thing Utah has going for it sometimes.

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