August 26, 2013

One time in Florida I saw online somewhere that Fun. was coming to Utah this summer. cool. Oh, my collective number one girl crush, Tegan & Sara, are opening for Fun.!? Bought my ticket. Facebook'ed about it.

Then my fellow Tegan & Sara obsessed friend Cat texts me: Who are you going to that concert with?
Answer: You! Buy a ticket! And she did.

So last Friday we (eventually.. couple wrong turns, it's whatever.) made our way out to the Great Saltair. Everyone fed me a bunch of stories about how sketchy this place was, so then I guess I overdid it in my head because it wasn't so bad. Although I think that was mostly due to this concert being behind the building rather than inside.

First things first, we got in line to buy t-shirts. $20? Sold. Should I be sold on a $20 concert t-shirt? No, I'm poor. I couldn't help myself okay! So there I was, being all indecisive at the table when Cat heard it. The concert had started. We were missing "Drove Me Wild". So hurrrrryyyy, laaaaady running my debit card with far too little money on it to be buying this shirt, hurrrrryyyyy!

We booked it outside and pushed our way as close to the stage as we could get, which wasn't super close because.. well, we were late. I was only kind of disappointed at first because it was still light outside and obviously most of the people were there for Fun. and so no one was getting into my girls' music. Except one guy who was really into it, who almost had me right there dancing next to him until his body rolls got a little crazy and Cat thought he might be on drugs.

But like I said, I was only a little disappointed. Mostly I was in love. I love concerts and I love these girls and I love their music. They mostly played songs from their newest album Heartthrob, which is my favorite and the one I know best. But the older songs they did were some of the best so we were happy all around.

We stayed for most of Fun.'s set which was cool not because we're huge fans, but because that guy is pretty entertaining and because we got to hear a lot of their songs we've never heard ever. Their few songs that are big are SO big and kind of overplayed, but they had other good ones, too! Eventually the fumes got a little heavy and we wanted to beat traffic, so we were in the parking lot by the time they started "We Are Young." 

Overall, toootally worth my money and if there are only two musicians in the world I want to meet, it might be Tegan and Sara.

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