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August 29, 2013

Remember this post?

It's over halfway through 2013, and I've been thinking about those words I chose in January.


I think I saw more opportunities to be brave while I was in Florida, and I'm happy about how I handled them. I was a princess at Disneyworld! and that is something I'll have forever. Maybe it was mostly by luck - who can really control their face shape being the kind Disney wants? - but I know that job pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I'm proud I was brave enough to let myself be pushed.

Also I was thinking, isn't "yolo" kind of a silly thing? We all say it so much, mostly joking when we do.. but I've been noticing how sometimes it really does push me to do something I otherwise wouldn't.

If I were to pick another word to go along with brave, it would be vulnerable. Because being vulnerable is just as hard for me, but I know it's just as important too. And maybe I'm only adding it now because I know I've been getting better and I'm looking for a little self-recognition.. But it's my blog, you know?


Why has this one been harder for me than it should be? I always get too caught up in life and feel sorry for myself more often than I feel grateful and genuinely happy.

But I can honestly say I've been doing better at this one too! Last Sunday it really hit me. Last Sunday I had the house to myself all morning before I went to church at one. So I spent the morning reading scriptures and listening to conference talks and writing in my journal, and all the sudden I realized.. I have a really beautiful life. I do! And I know whoever you are reading this, you do too. And mostly, I hope you realize it.


Lesa Emmett said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I too have a really beautiful life. It may not have turned out exactly how I planned... But I couldn't ask for anything more. One awesome man and a bunch of crazy kids! Who would have known they could make me so happy! And I'm really proud of you! :) Keep it up.

Molly Seawright said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

"and I'm looking for a little self-recognition.. But it's my blog, you know?" Amen! Girl, you deserve recognition! And, something I always remember, is that we're not all fighting the SAME battle. We all have different strengths and different weaknesses. We're all in the same world and - what does any cheesy Disney Channel Original movie tell us? That we're all in this together and we need to work as a team - despite our differences. So, because you recognize all those small things, you've come a LONG way! And, when people see that in you, they know they can do hard things, too! Even if their hard things are different.

Then there are those days that just aren't hard and they're fun and you just laugh and play and smile and eat ice cream and it doesn't make you feel sick to your stomach even though you had way too much and you just have a great time. You're setting an amazing example for people you don't even know are watching. Boom.

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