raise your hand if..

August 29, 2013

..you can't sleep. Just me? I mean I'm lying here in my pitch black room and I don't see any other hands, so.. I guess just me.

Okay, now raise your hand if.. you have a really cute boyfriend who sent you your favorite flowers today because last night you were feeling bummed about how much you missed him. Still in my room.. don't see any hands.. alright, just me.

Well, lucky me! Minus the not sleeping because we all know that's the crumbs. 

And since apparently my Instagram caption was useless in explaining this picture, here's my second try:

I moved into a new apartment this week, and I love it! We have four girls, two bathrooms, our own washer and dryer, covered parking, and a beyond cozy living room. The living room and kitchen were both pre-decorated with cute art and lamps, so that's where those come in. 

Then today around lunch time I opened my front door and there was a bouquet of sunflowers lying with a card on my front step! And that's when my heart melted! No really, I was all kinds of giddy. 

So naaaturally, I put the sunflowers in a vase and set them on the table that was calling their name! Right next to that cute, yellow lamp and directly below the painting I'm considering stealing when the day comes I have to move out. 

Oh, and then I instagrammed it. duh. 

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