back to school and football, funny neighbors and dessert.

September 15, 2013

School started! I'm taking 12 credits. sue me. Besides I will get straight A's. If you think this is our First Day of School picture, you're right! If you think it was taken before 8:00pm, you're wrong! Maybe we almost forgot, but then we totally didn't forget to take a First Day of School picture. Also we did not plan the matching striped shirts. That's called luck and cute.

Erin's first ever Rooftop Concert! oooh. Ryan Innes and someone else and we were there with Taylor and Lindsay! 
(not pictured.)

We love football! We beat Texas! Someone ask me what my least favorite color is. It isn't even red, it's orange.

Turns out Taylor and Lindsay are our best friends and we all love football and BYU and milkshakes and hugs exactly like this every time we scored.

Hahaha, ladies aaand gentlemen. This is my little brother.

On Thursday all the Regency 211 Summer 2013 girls reunited! We ate at Goodwood because Miss Aimee had to work. But we were her only table, so she basically brought us yummy food then stood and talked with us the whole time. PS - the lighting in Goodwood is no bueno for pictures. The food and desserts, really bueno. Especially when those desserts are fo' free! Thank youu, manager sir.

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