"Pongo, boy!"

November 18, 2013

At one point over the summer Stefan, Molly, and I were sitting outside Slab Pizza discussing Molly's upcoming puppy purchase. We covered all the sorts of good and bad, cute and not so cute dogs plus all other important dog-related things, and actually we ended up talking about diamonds for a bit too..? but somewhere amongst all the dog conversation Stefan had the greatest epiphany of all his epiphanies he's ever had.

Stefan and I are Roger and Anita Radcliffe.

the discovery.

Not in that undying-love-for-dalmatians type of way, but more in that he's-tall-slender-and-blond-I'm-a-girl-with-short-light-brown-sometimes-hint-of-red-hair type of way. Stefan found our doppleganger couple! And they're from an animated Disney movie, had my life ever been this good!?

So I suppose that means our plans for a Halloween costume started way back in August. However I distinctly remember we waited until the last minute to pull them together. Stefan's was easy - everything he needed he owned or we found in a less that twenty minute trip to DI. Mine was almost easier, except that dang apron.

See, we had a picture we were trying to reenact exactly. I already had a dress, shoes, and a head of hair that would work perfectly, but I guess I had misplaced my dainty, pale blue cooking apron. I use it so much, it must have been in the wash. ... DI had nothing, Saver's had nothing, and I had to work that day.

I could have given up, arrived at our Halloween party on time, and not had the perfect costume.. but let's be honest. What I did instead was drive all the way to Jo-Ann's in Orem after work, wait in the forever long line of middle-aged women at the fabric cut counter, purchase two yards of basic, pale blue cotton fabric, speed home, literally cut the two yards of fabric into an apron shape because who has time to sew, and arrive at the party too late to compete in the costume contest. Because sometimes you suppress your perfectionist streak and sometimes you let it shine.

halloween 2013

Halloween lessons learned:

If you have an animated Disney character doppleganger, always be that character for Halloween. Because even though we missed our chance in the costume contest hats off to you, girl dressed as Mulan. You and Ariel were the only other worthy opponents in the room, and you deserved to win.

If your animated Disney character doppleganger(s) own a surprisingly high number of pets, have your two best friends dress up as your two favorites, duh!

And, finally.

NEVER try to buy fabric at Jo-Ann's on a Saturday. at ANY point on a Saturday. You will undoubtedly be given the wait number 78 when they are only on customer 53 and guaranteed customers 54-77 each have a minimum of four fabrics they need cut. Don't fool yourself into thinking customers 54-77 know how much of each fabric they need cut when they make their way up to the counter. They will each inevitably wait to have a lengthy discussion with the Jo-Ann's employee and consider all of her opinions on the matter.

Author's note: A few weeks after Halloween, Lindsay brought her family's VHS version of 101 Dalmatians to Provo so we could all watch it together. Turns out Anita Radcliffe is not actually working a pixie cut, but in fact has medium length hair that she pulls into a conservative up-do. (Evidenced in the scene where she and Roger fall into the pond, her wet hair then fallen out of it's 'do.) Furthermore, in the event that Stefan and I were to work on perfecting this costumer every year from this point forward I am no longer required to maintain my pixie cut, as previously thought.

with Pongo and Perdita!

Happy Halloween, kids.


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