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November 06, 2013

First, this.

Second, this!

Sorry I only ever have phone pictures and how lame is that, but we went to Disneyland!

Sefan's brother and sister-in-law already had plans to go in October and they basically begged us to come too.. or something.. Anyway, we left really early one Friday, (Stefan) drove all day, and made it to Anaheim in time for dinner and a quick trip to Downtown Disney. Saturday we were in the parks from open to close because how else would you do it? 

Our very first stop was Cars Land, which shattered my little Disney-loving universe! I can't tell you how many conversations we had leading up to, during, and after that trip about how Disney seriously knows what they're doing, but one of those conversations happened after the Cars ride. 

Also as we were leaving the ride I saw my cute cousin Karrie and her new husband! What are the chances? Especially because it was Stefan and Brad who made eye contact and recognized each other first.. 

So we spent all day on our favorite rides, and Stefan even converted me to loving Pirates and Haunted Mansion (which! was all re-done for Halloween to be a Nightmare Before Christmas ride. freak yeah). Space Mountain was legit scary (for me.. what was that firey alien man!?), and Tower of Terror is always my favorite. I got destroyed on Toy Story, barely wet on Splash Mountain, and we even had time to ride Peter Pan last minute which was one of the only rides I remembered from the only other time I've been to Disneyland... fifteen years ago?

I also - intentionally - was able to see one of my roommates from Florida! Alysia and I realized we were going to be in Disneyland on the same day so we decided to meet up in front of - where else - Space Mountain. It was so fun to see her! And I love the #28201 gift she passed on to me, I still need to send it to someone else!

So my list of things I had to do really only consisted of: 
-Tower of Terror
-Peter Pan
-Rice Crispy Treat

Guys, I don't even love rice crispy treats but those Disney ones? Something about them.. there's something about them.. And we found one! At the very end of the day, there were two left on Main Street and I got one! Shout out to the cutest boyfriend anyone has ever had for making sure I rode the rides I wanted to and found the dessert-on-a-stick-of-my-dreeeams.

All my other Disney shout-outs go to Nathan and Ali for making the trip happen this time and Walt himself for making it all happen every time.

Oh and here's a picture Stefan made me take with my expensive, yummy drink.


The Van De Graaffs said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Haha love this post! Glad we were able to bribe you two to come :)

Lesa Emmett said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I Love that place! And you're just too cute to be for real :)

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