first things first, thanksgiving.

December 08, 2013

How could I possibly write as much as I'd like about everything that has happened lately? It would take me hours and hours that all this studying for finals just isn't going to let me have. So here's the gist of it - I think I am likely the happiest, most frazzled, seriously happiest girl on earth these days.

First things first, Thanksgiving happened.

this is actually from the drive home. whatever.

Stefan, Taylor, Lindsay, and I all decided to make the 20+  hour road trip home to Illinois this year! Three drivers on the way out, I finally got a new license while at home in Charleston, so four drivers on the way back, and it wasn't too bad! Right? ...right? right.

Our first stop was Chicago and day one featured all the best of downtown. We took the train to Union Station, visited both the boys' dads at work, and decided Lindsay and I should probably set our sights on law school all before lunch. Alright technically we ate lunch with Stefan's dad which was where the law school decision was finalized, but who cares about that anyway?

After lunch we saw the bean and toured The Art Institute before taking the girls' first real cab ride back to the train station. It was so cold, but so fun!

On day two Stefan and I headed down to Charleston. oooh, aahhh. No art museums or sky scrapers, but dinner with my parents at El Rancherito and looking through my baby pictures really is fun too, I promise. That night Ben, Courtney, Clara, and Jacob also made it home for Thanksgiving! I had never met my big, little six month old nephew and I was seriously over the moon about how happy of a kid he is! I was worried it would take so long for the kids to warm up to me that I'd have to leave right when it was getting good, but we were having fun in no time.

my parents like stefan a lot.
We played lots of games, finished a couple puzzles, ate lots of aebleskivers and took a tour of my dad's office before Stefan headed back up to Chicago Wednesday night. After he left I went over to Alex Smith's house for... BSAGWiving! You know, BSAGW Thanksgiving. The five best friends that anyone's ever had don't get a Christmas dinner this year (thanks to me) so we made it work over Thanksgiving which I am still so happy about!

We had dinner, made our annual toasts about how much we love each other, and exchanged Secret Santa gifts. I love love love love love these guys!

i love this picture!
Thanksgiving morning while the rest of the world played in their Turkey Bowls my dad, Ben, and I ran roughly two miles in a loop past two of our old houses. It was freezing, but I was really excited that for the first time in my life when Thanksgiving rolled around and my dad asked if I was ready for the Thanksgiving family fun run I actually said yes!

I also got to see my dear friend Emily that day! She was driving through Charleston and made a pit stop at our house to drop off some fudge and some hellos. Seriously, what a treat that was. I love that Emily of mine. And if one visitor wasn't enough - here came the second! Miss Ashley Smith, my sweetest friend since first grade stopped by. Ashley is one of those friends I have to go without seeing for months and months at a time and still when the days come that we do get to see each other I feel like nothing has changed. Ahh, I love my Ashley.

Well then that night Courtney, Clara, and I made paper snowflakes and we all watched a double feature of Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Home Alone. #mykindofnight #papersnowflakeswithathreeyearold = #thebest also Candy Land with a three year old is the best.

On Friday we bought a Christmas tree, then my parents and I met Stefan halfway between Northbrook and Charleston. After lunch at Panera in Kanakakee Stefan and I headed north where we had a really fun day with his family and then that night... ;)

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