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January 29, 2014

I'm in Stefan's grandparents' basement (Stefan's apartment (our future apartment)) waiting for him to get home from his evening class. I told him I would come over and get dinner ready, but then I looked in the fridge and realized we have tons of leftovers we need to eat so.. that's that.

Ha, leftovers. Am I already married?

According to Stefan, I am. Yesterday he told me just that - "We are totally married." - as we shoved huge slices of frozen pizza (we cooked it, I felt the need to clarify) in our mouths while we sped to American Fork so we (Stefan) could help out with a friend's combined YM/YW activity about missionary work.

If frozen pizza in the car on a Tuesday night and leftovers at home on a Wednesday night doesn't mean we're married, I don't know what does. Actually I think Stefan meant it feels like we're already married because our schedules are being totally meshed together, the whole pizza thing really put it all into perspective.

Along with feeling like I'm married when I'm definitely not, I've been doing a lot to get ready for when I finally, actually, am married. When people ask me how wedding plans are going, I usually think it over for a minute and realize they really are going fine. Have I had multiple breakdowns? One breakdown so severe I think I gave Stefan a serious marriage reality check? Yes. But those are mostly over.

These days when people offer to help with the wedding I don't know what to say. Before, I was being a control freak, and I felt as if explaining to someone else what needed to be done was just wasting time I could be using to do the thing myself. Now that I am conveniently over that mindset and there are somehow still people willing to help, most things are done. The things that aren't done are - get my hair cut, meet with my Stake President, all of my homework, pack up my apartment.. And (besides that last one - who's in for a fun day stuck in my room with me and tons of boxes!?) those things aren't exactly the type for which I can ask for help.

So that's a big, fat lesson learned!

On the most important note, I am so excited to get married! Here are a few reasons why:

> I hate driving home in the freezing cold dark when I've spent all evening at Stefan's apartment. More than anything I wish I could just stay and sleep here.
> I am having a love affair with my wedding dress and the cups we bought to use at the reception. I need to use them.
> I really love the photographer we hired, and I'm excited to have lots of new cute pictures I know I'll love.
> I recently added Stephanie Nielson to my list of cool people I know who were married in the Provo temple. She was even married in the winter!
> Stefan is the absolute coolest and I am totally in love with him.

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Denise said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Perspective is a marvelous and miraculous thing. I'm grateful you are in the place (emotionally) that you are in. You'll physically be there soon too.

Love to you....can't wait to see Mrs Stefan van de Graaf (did I spell that right?)

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