two thousand fourteen.

January 05, 2014

This post almost just started out with reference to a DCOM classic which obviously, if you clicked on the link you'd know.. almost led to a Full House reference too. I decided against it all, and I'm still not sure what the right choice is.

But the point of this post is to review last year's goals and to set new ones.

Last year I wanted to..

Read. I set a goal to read the Book of Mormon three times last year, and I didn't quite make it. But I did read the entire Book of Mormon while I was living in Florida! It was such a good experience. I found an old blue copy at home, likely handed out to one of my siblings eighteen years ago in the Mattoon Ward Primary.. I carried it with me all over and marked it up like nobody's business. I also read Heaven is Here by Stephanie Nielson, too many Mormon mommy blog posts to count, and honestly 95% of the BYU Physical Science text book. I actually did a lot of reading for my classes this past semester. And although Creating a Good Life Through Recreation is a goofy name for a university class, the reading material is some that I will keep forever.

Run. I didn't end up doing RAGNAR, but I did run my first full marathon! I think enough has been said about that in my one and only novel of a post this past October.

Serve. I didn't end up doing the VoluntEAR program at Disney; it wasn't what I expected and it just never worked out. And while I didn't come anywhere near reaching this goal to the extent I would have liked, I can pick out at least four times I served someone either in a way I hadn't ever done before or in a way I know really meant a lot to both of us.

Last year I also picked two words to sort of represent my overall aims for the year: brave and happy.

I think brave came to my mind last January because I was about to leave for Disneyworld, and I had to promise myself I would seize every opportunity I had down there. Honestly, I feel like I did a pretty good job being brave this year.

After Disneyworld I came back to Utah and worked at Banana Republic over the summer - both of these jobs totally intimidated me. I don't think I was a star employee with either one, but I stuck it out both times and I learned so much about myself, the other employees, how to work with people I have just about nothing in common with, how to work hard, how to recognize when I'm working too hard or not working hard enough, that list goes on and on forever.

I also learned how to be brave in my relationships. I continued to learn how to be vulnerable and why that is so important.

My second word was happy, and I know why that one came to my mind a year ago. I really struggle with always feeling like whatever I don't have or am not doing is obviously and significantly better than what I do have or am doing. But I don't want to feel that way anymore. I want to be happy with what I have, what I do, the things I am able to accomplish. I especially didn't want to feel that way at Disneyworld, the happiest place on earth.

I'll admit it still happened sometimes. I would find myself wishing I could be "friends with" a different princess or even wishing I was back at BYU for a big basketball game. But one big thing really helped me to kick myself of that mindset and focus on being happy. I was blessed to meet a ridiculous number of people who seem to get it. They are genuinely happy people, no matter the situation in which they find themselves. These people are grateful and kind and adventurous and their influence on me has been an enormous blessing. I realized this year what a difference it makes to surround myself with this kind of people, and I have my experience at Disney to thank for that. I also have this blog to thank for that because I hadn't even realized all of that until I just typed it. Sometimes I just need to get all these thoughts out of my head, I guess.

. . . . .

It's time for this year's goals.

First of all, Stefan and I made some goals together. Of course getting married this year means we are going to have a lot to work on, but we wanted to set a few concrete goals for the year. 

- Attend the temple together once a month
- Give away twelve copies of the Book of Mormon
- I swear there were more?
- But those first two are good, right?
- A big one I thought of today is that for the rest of this year I'm not going to bring my phone to church. Sure it's handy to look up a scripture quickly, but then I spend ten minutes on Instagram and all is lost. Instead I'm going to start bringing my physical set of scriptures, a pen, and a little notebook. I have high hopes.

As for the rest of it all, I'm sticking with the same three goals. Is that terrible? No, it isn't! Because obviously I didn't do as well as I would have liked with any of them last year. But that's what goals are about! There is always always always room to improve. 

Read. I'm excited to be starting the Book of Mormon over again and I'm excited to be able to start studying the scriptures with Stefan! We also inherited our own small library of new books over the holidays, so we will have plenty of reading to do together this year.

Run. I personally received a lot of running related gifts for Christmas, so bring it on! I would love to do another marathon this year, I just need to decide which one. 

Serve. I do want to continue serving the people around me every day, but I also want to narrow this down to really serving in my church callings. I didn't do so great this year. I didn't ever have a calling in Florida, I was on a committee over the summer and we all know how those go, then I was called as an FHE group leader again. This year I want to serve better in my callings and I want to be a better visiting teacher.

I think my word for this year will be . . . thoughtful.

I want to be thoughtful of the people around me - of Stefan, my family, his family, co-workers, classmates. I also want to be a more thoughtful person in general. Full of thoughts - uplifting, beneficial, mindful thoughts. I want my thoughts to have the influence of the Spirit, and to lead me to inspired actions.

Well that was a whole lot of words, and proof that I need to get my thoughts out more often or else they build up and then fall out into a mess all at once. But there it is anyway! Happy 2014!

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I love your idea abour a word for the year... I'm going to think about that. :) And I think you were very brave last year, and you make me happy! Love You!

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