bachelorette party.

February 23, 2014

The weekend before the wedding my patootie friends threw me a party! I don't even have a picture from that night of me with Meg who planned the whole thing, but I do think there's one floating around on someone's phone. Anyway, Meg is the greatest and had lots of help from our other friends and the whole night was so much fun!

We had good food - I think I single-handedly ate four cupcakes, half the plate of pineapple, and ten pounds of pita chips with spinach artichoke dip - and lots of girls I love but rarely get to see came over.

Meg recorded an interview she had done with Stefan earlier that week, and I had to guess his answers to some tricky questions. I'd say I was about fifty-fifty for right answers.

Every time I got an answer right I opened a present! I got a ton of... cool stuff. ha. But really, so many girls were really thoughtful to bring something.

We played some advice games, ate more food, told stories, laughed a lot, and tried to get a few good pictures in our living room that has three lamps and no overhead lighting.

Carly and Hayley are the only ones who missed the group picture I think. But I still love them to death. I love all these girls!

So many of my Illinois friends made my last days as a bachelorette fun, too! Especially Alexa and Lorena who sent me a sweet package with supplies for a wedding day emergency kit (some of which really was put to use the day of the wedding!) along with my favorite candy and a gift card to my favorite restaurant!  

Seriously, how cute is that!? I'm so glad they were able to come out for the wedding, too! But, more on that later. This is only post number one of about a million wedding posts I know I'll have. Stay tuuuned.

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