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February 03, 2014

Two weekends ago Stefan and I spent some time in Midway partly to work on wedding stuff and partly to get out of Provo and spent time with my cute family. We did get some wedding things done but we also went... bowling! Because somehow nothing is more fun to these tiny kids who can barely even lift the lightest bowling ball.

This past week my cute niece had a field trip to BYU! A whole bunch of second graders saw a matinee of Swan Lake, ate lunch in the Wilk, took a Tour de Europe via powerpoint.. Well then I had to leave but they kept exploring campus all afternoon. Polly usually tells me she wants to go to Utah State, but no matter what college she ends up choosing it was fun seeing her at my school for a day!

This past weekend we headed to Salt Lake on Friday night for a Jazz game! Stefan's uncle gave us the tickets, and we probably couldn't have picked a better game to see live. Don't get me wrong, the Jazz didn't win. But that night they did honor Jerry Sloan and retire his "number" (1223 wins with the Jazz)! All night the big screen was showing stats about his careers as a player and a coach, plus short video clips of NBA hot shots congratulating him on his accomplishments. Then at half time a ton of old players headed to the court to thank him - Karl Malone, John Stockton, oh and Thurl Bailey sang the National Anthem!

After Salt Lake it was back to Midway for "bridals!" And after Midway we were home in Provo for the BYU - St. Mary's game which we won! I wish I had pictures and videos and anything from that game because it was incredible! The first ten minutes or so were terrible, but BYU pulled off an incredible comeback and Stefan had a sore throat the next day.

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