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March 20, 2014

...that I can cook. And so can my husband! Obviously we make a good team for most things, but little did we know just how good of a cooking team we could make until we were married!

While we were dating, our meals were usually really inexpensive and simple and quick to make. (i.e. noodles, cheesy rice, frozen pizza, noodles, Creamery kids meals, noodles..) Fortunately for us, all it took for us to become serious culinary masters was to get married.

We credit it mostly to the fact that now we have more space in the kitchen - more space to work, more space to store our food and dishes and cooking utensils... We also have more time. Living together is the bees knees because you cut out all the in between time of deciding whose apartment is less likely to have three other roommates home also wanting to cook.

So I'll get right to it - here's the proof:

Remember that time I mentioned Stefan surprised me by making burgers one night? Okay well they were the best. I'm not exaggerating. Stefan "marinated?" the meat in my Grandpa's Freeman's famous, secret seasoning. Then we threw on some cheese, fresh tomato and lettuce, whatever sauces, and I was droooling. Hands down one of the top five best burgers of my life. And I've eaten a lot of those things..

Stefan also loves to make cottage fries. He doesn't need a recipe, we just slice up some russet potatoes really thin, brush them with butter or oil, throw them on a cookie sheet, then Stefan adds parmesan cheese and whatever seasonings he feels like. We don't even really know what temperature we set the oven or how long we leave them in, but they are delicious.

One week I was craving a BLT so we bought huge, fresh sandwich rolls from the bakery at Smiths. We already had a package of giant slices of bacon plus tomatoes and lettuce so we were set. Oh, let me mention that Stefan has a new second love. Seriously, second to me only.. Stefan loves our griddle the most. And I love that he loves it! That's how he cooks most of our delicious food! He used it for the burgers, too.

Well anyway, we added some pepperjack cheese to our BLT's and I'll tell you right now, that was the best BLT of my life. Also it was massive, I don't think I even finished my last few bites.

We also used some of our gift card money to buy a crockpot! I can honestly say I had never cooked a meal with a crockpot in my life, but I was excited to do it. I pulled a simple recipe from pinterest, we let it cook while we were at church, and it turned out so great! Besides the fact that the recipe told me it would make 4-6 servings and I know for a fact Stefan and I both ate this stuff for dinner at least five times each.. No complaints! Just something to remember for next time.

I've also been "baking"... As in, we make brownies for our Sunday School Class a lot and I always add in chocolate chips. Then we found a snickerdoodle cookie mix in the cupboard and I added white chocolate chips to those. Oooh. I did make one treat from scratch! But it was a no-bake treat so I'm not sure where that fits in.. In high school my friend Abby used to make it all the time and we called it "goldies." I... was heavily addicted. I don't know what the treat is really called, but here's a recipe!

We have lots of left over butterscotch and white chocolate chips from the hot chocolate bar at our wedding, so that's where these treats are coming from..

Okay so this post is turning into mostly being about how Stefan is a good cook... but that's okay. I just can't leave out that this guy makes smoothies! Really, really incredibly delicious smoothies. We've decided there is simply no better breakfast that a smoothie and a bagel. Toasted with cream cheese, please.

Oh, and we eat lots of guacamole. That one's all me, but we knew that one already right?


Jake Emmett said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

One thing I can cross off my worry list is whether you guys are starving to death or not. Thanks for all the food tips in the blog. BTW, did the Walz's give you that griddle? It is nice.

The Van De Graaffs said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You two, seriously so cute it kills me.

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