our wedding: FLOWERS

March 18, 2014

A February wedding could have meant lackluster flowers. Not when my new, dear sister-in-law Ali is involved! I'm not sure how many days Stefan and I had been engaged before Ali offered to do the flowers for the wedding.. maybe like two days. haha.

But I would never have had it any other way! Holy cow, our flowers were the bees knees.

I know I was a hard bride to work with in the beginning. Maybe the whole way through.. I would send Ali pictures of bouquets and arrangements I found on pinterest, but I really just don't know much about flowers at all. I'm sure she did way more research and brainstorming than I did. In the end we combined all of our ideas and Ali put in a huge bulk order of flowers.

The night before the wedding she and Nathan got into Provo pretty late. Two of Ali's friends met her in the basement Stefan and I now call home (and where Ali and Nathan used to call home!) where we had left all the flowers and supplies. I'm not sure how late they all stayed up putting everything together.. I'd probably feel too bad about it if anyone reminded me what time they actually finished.

Those three girls seriously did everything - my bouquet and all the bridesmaids' bouquets, all the boutonnieres and pin-on corsages, all the centerpieces for the tables, extra arrangements for the other decorative tables at the reception..

Literally here is a side by side of the picture I showed Ali for my bouquet and then the bouquet they made for me:

Sooo not quite sure what more you can ask for there. It was so perfect I could have just cried!

I realize everyone has different tastes in flowers, but literally.. what we had was exactly what I wanted. It's also really hard when your main wedding color is blue and you're willing to do anything to get some blue in your bouquet (besides fake or painted flowers..) but how awesome do all those touches of blue look?

I was - and am - and forever will be - obsessed with the flowers at our wedding. I also just realized I didn't include any pictures of boutonnieres or corsages.. hahaha, I guess you really can tell how much I loved my bouquet. Heaven knows I'm not going back and adding in those other pictures now, so just look for them later!

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Ahhhh I loved this post, of course. I seriously cant tell you how happy it makes me that you loved the flowers! We seriously had so much fun doing them!! It all turned out so gorgeous!

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