our wedding: the photographer(s)

March 17, 2014

Before I start posting way too many wedding pictures all over the place, I thought I'd make it known who captured them!

Finding a wedding photographer was tough. Strange, I know, because surely Utah has more professional photographers than anywhere else. But even that was part of the struggle. There are so many photographers in this area - so many photos to compare, prices to compare, availabilities to check..

And what's with photographers not posting their prices? It was such a hassle to e-mail dozens of photographers, only to find out they charge way too much and then have to e-mail them back somehow politely saying, "thanks but no thanks."

In the end, on what must have been my 59th Google search for something along the lines of "provo utah wedding photographer" I found http://www.maddiethomasblog.com/. Cue all angels above singing praises of joy. Her photography looked awesome, she had posted her prices - which were super reasonable - so I wasn't even bugged to e-mail her and ask if she was available on our date.

Thankfully, she was available! From there on out, working with Maddie was awesome. Stefan and I met up with her a few weeks before the wedding to talk about what we like, what we don't like, and just get to know each other. Maddie just gets it. No over-the-top editing, no hand hearts or other cheese-ball pictures. Just capture it how it is, you know? Unless you and your significant other actually do walk around forming hand hearts. Then I guess that would be how it is for you. But not us.

Even the day of the wedding when it rained, Maddie was super flexible! It was kind of a bummer not to be able to take more group pictures at the temple. We got a lot of Stefan and me, but then to do all the group ones inside last minute I know must have been a little tricky as a photographer. But they all turned out great! And all that really mattered to us is that we got them, not so much where we got them.

Maddie listened to what we wanted, she made us feel comfortable, she took incredible pictures, she edited them and got them back to us so quickly... I could go on and on.

I know there are ten thousand great photographers in Utah, but I feel pretty lucky we were able to work with Maddie. Go look at her work! Next time you need a photographer for anything, she just might be your girl.

PS - I also have to give a shout out to all our other "photographers." So many aunts, uncles, sisters, friends snapped some great ones with their own fancy cameras and fancy phones. I loved seeing them show up on facebooks, blogs, and instagrams!

Here are the links to more pictures:

By my Uncle Chad:

By our sister-in-law, Ali:

And again, all of Maddie's pictures:

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