our wedding: the temple and the date

March 14, 2014

When Stefan and I started really talking about getting married, picking a date and a temple were two of the first decisions we made. Obviously a date is necessary, but Stefan and I are also both LDS and neither of us wanted to be married anywhere other than in an LDS temple.

Between choosing a date and a temple, I'm not sure which decision one came first. What I do remember is that neither decision landed us with our first pick.

In the early stages of marriage talk we both agreed that if it happened it would most likely be in the spring after the semester ended. The more we talked about it we decided that wasn't going to work. Among other reasons, it was just too long to wait. I think that's definitely more common in the LDS culture, to get married so quickly. In my eyes, I had found the person I wanted to be with forever and I didn't want to wait to start our life together!

With every other month of the year crossed out for one reason or another, we landed on February. The only long weekend in February was over President's Day/Valentine's Day. I very quickly made it clear that I did not want to get married on Valentine's Day. So February 13th it was!

A few of these pictures - like this one - are incredible shots my Uncle Chad took the day of the wedding.

Stefan and I are both from Illinois, but neither one of us felt a big attachment to any temples there. (Of the two.. ha.) He basically lives down the street from the Chicago temple, and I grew up going to the St. Louis temple. Once we had nixed both of those, we decided pretty quickly we would be getting married in Utah. Both of us have more family in Utah than anywhere else, so it just seemed like the smartest place.

We looked up all the temples anywhere between Salt Lake City and Payson (no, Payson isn't finished. yes, I had hoped it might be). In the end we decided on the Draper Temple. Neither one of us had ever been to it, but it is so beautiful and we love how it's tucked up in the mountains. We drove to see it one Sunday and just walk around the grounds. As we walked I told Stefan, "I've decided, this is our temple.  ...is that okay?" He still teases me for the way I phrased that, but he still agreed with me.

Not long after that walk we found out the Draper Temple was going to be closed for cleaning until February 17th. Four days after our day. Meh. Our second choice became Oquirrh Mountain. I still remember going to the Oquirrh Mountain open house when I was in high school and deciding then and there - that's where I wanted to be married. My strong ties to it had faded over time, but we decided it would make for a good plan B. Until... we called and found out it was also going to be closed, too.

By this point I was having a really rough time. Seriously, what the heck? I'm pretty sure it was one day when I was working at the grill at the Creamery and Stefan can to sit at the bar and talk to me that we finally decided on the Provo Temple. It's close, it's unique, everyone I know who has been sealed there raves about what an incredible experience it is, and we knew it was going to be open!

Plus side: Stefan's grandpa is a sealer at the Provo Temple, and while he could have received permission to seal us in another temple this just made it even easier. Plus plus side: Not only was my older sister married in Provo which made it cool, so was Stephanie Nielson. Also Stephanie Nielson was married in the winter and she had short hair for her wedding. So I guess you could say we're soul sisters.

It was finally on my birthday, December 4th, that we called the temple and set up our appointment to be sealed on February 13, 2014 at 2:30PM in the Provo, Utah LDS Temple.

one of my very favorite pictures in the whole world.


Denise said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Keep writing! Each word goes down in history for the greatest and most wonderful day of your life! I love it!!!!

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I love it too!

The Van De Graaffs said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I am glad you are going into so much detail, you will be so grateful for it later in life!

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