our wedding: what we wore

March 24, 2014

You guys, I'm pretty darn happy with how good Stefan and I looked on our wedding day. I love how good everyone looked that day! So here's a couple notes about where we got it all - for killer prices.

I had absolutely no say about what Stefan wore for our wedding. I told him that I was picking my own dress, so he got to pick what he wore! Luckily, he picked a suite and tie. Actually I always joke about how really Stefan chose our wedding colors. He told me he wanted to wear a grey suit and a navy tie, and we went from there!

Because I've never bought a suit I had no idea where to look, what to look for - nothing. But Stefan knew he wanted a European cut and once it became clear we weren't going to find what he wanted in any store around Provo, he went to the internet. In the end, Stefan ordered his suit from overstock.com. I was only a little nervous, but when it came it fit perfectly!

I don't know where he found his shoes or tie - some random websites. But he loved them too! I'm telling you guys, buying online - even for a wedding - is not a bad way to go.

I had been imagining myself in a wedding dress with a full skirt for a while. I never feel comfortable in clothes that are very snug fitting and I didn't want to be uncomfortable on my wedding, no sir.

Back in November, about a week before Stefan and I became officially engaged, we went to a friend's wedding reception in Provo. Her all lace dress was gorgeous, so when I complimented her on it I had to ask where she bought it, too. Etsy! Holy cow, she ordered her dress from China without ever trying it on or anything. At first I though it sounded crazy, but then I found myself searching all over that website for wedding dresses. There are certainly a lot of dresses to skip over, but there are some goodies, too.

My older sisters came to Provo one day to go dress shopping with me, but by then (thanks to my Etsy searches) I already had a pretty clear idea of what dress I wanted. Most of the stores we visited didn't have much I loved anyway. A lot of the employees at stores we visited kinda rubbed me the wrong way too.. Either they were trying to sell me something I didn't want or they were acting totally bored and rude. So.. no luck that day.

Finally I decided to try the Etsy store! It had me type in my exact measurements and make note of any alterations I needed in a little comment box. The dress I ordered wasn't totally modest by LDS standards, so I needed them to add a little more fabric around the neckline and underneath the lace sleeves. They didn't charge me anything extra for the added fabric though, and the total price came out to be under $300. That my friends, is a steal.

I never heard back from the people who own that Etsy shop, one day my dress just showed up in the mail! Stefan surprised me by having my sisters drive down that night so I could have an audience when I tried it on. It fit awesome! The only probably was that it fit a little too well right under my arms. My cute cousin Karrie was able to let out the seam that ran below my armpit to give me a little more breathing room and it made a world of difference.

As for shoes, I wore Keds because.. hello. And my earrings were a pair of pearl studs Stefan gave me for my birthday. He got them from someone he knows in the Netherlands, but I think the pearls themselves are from the Philippines.

So that's it for us! I know most of my family bought what they wore online too. I stinking loved the color of my dad's blue suit plus his elephant tie - how cute are he and my mom!? My mom was worried about her dress being too casual for the mother-of-the-bride but I loved it! That's what I'm all about - wear what you're comfortable wearing and make it something you can wear over and over again after the wedding. Except for the bride.. that's hard. But Stefan wears his suit to church all the time! I love that.

A few last things I loved: my little nieces' dresses! Well they could have worn anything and looked adorable, but these... ee! I also loved the groomsmen's ties a whole lot.


LauraP said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

A suit for the groom is the way to go! That's what Clark did and he still wears his 7 years later. And I love your dress! My friend also ordered from China, sight unseen. And it was perfect with a few minor alterations. If I had known about that when I got married I would have ordered from them for sure. I love all the posts since we missed the wedding

Jake Emmett said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I feel bad I didn't buy my suit online but I did get a great deal and I love it, too. I think Lesa looked great in her dress but she always looks gorgeous not matter what she wears. You and your husband (as you used to that yet) looked perfect on your wedding day. Many times that word is over used but not in this case; you two were perfect looking for your wedding and are perfect together.

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