a whirlwind weekend home

April 24, 2014

We went home for Easters!

When we were home for Thanksgiving it was kind of hectic going between Charleston and Northbrook all week. This time life was great because my parents came to Northbrook for the whole weekend! Nice.

Friday afternoon my mom and dad picked us up from the airport and announced Stefan would be choosing where we ate lunch, so we went to Portillo's! For as much as we'd heard about it, my parents and I had never been. Everyone got either a burger or an Italian beef sandwich, and we were all very happy about it.

The rest of the day was spent with Stefan's family celebrating his dad's birthday. Apparently no pictures were taken.. But the Vietnamese dinner was so good! Friday night two of Stefan's friends came over so we talked about volleyball and movies for a few solid hours.

Saturday afternoon was the real reason for our visit, I think. Stefan's mom put together a super fun, casual, open house type event at Pinstripes in Northbrook as sort of a second wedding reception for Illinois friends. Only a few people were disappointed I wasn't in my wedding dress.. oops.

It was so fun to meet a million more people who love Stefan. haha, no it really was. It's also funny when everyone tells me how great Stefan is and how I've got a good one and I'm thinking, "I know, I'm married to him!" He's just too lovable. 

And look I have a picture this time! But just one. This girl has been one of my very best friends since first grade, and I was so happy to see her and her fiance. <<< oooh, fiance! 

Actually this is a funny story because I was eating toast on the way to Pinstripes, so naturally once we got there I had to go brush my teeth in the bathroom. Yes, I had packed the necessary supplies in my purse. So Ashley walked into the bathroom right before I finished, and just stood behind me - looking in the mirror, laughing. I couldn't be embarrassed though, because having toast breath the whole party would have been way more embarrassing. 

The rest of Saturday we just hung out at home, although we did take a walk and get deep dish for dinner - both of which felt really good. 

Sunday morning Stefan's nieces came over for an Easter egg hunt and then we had the yummiest Easter brunch before church. Being in Stefan's home ward was really fun; I had met a lot of ward members the day before so on Sunday they all acted as if we were old friends. Also their Sacrament Meeting was just really good. Two powerful talks and lots of Easter songs, as it should be. After church we ate the world's fastest Easter dinner so we could make it to the airport on time, but jeez what a fun weekend! 

Oh I do have another picture! Ferris Bueller - or at least this scene from Ferris Bueller - really was filmed at Stefan's high school, so... this. Our outfits were a little off, but next time we'll be sure to pack Stefan's trench coat and hat.

I decided to say one more thing about Easter. This year I made it a goal to really prepare to celebrate Easter. I want there to be an Easter season, dang it. I want to celebrate for weeks, not just a weekend. Stefan and I tried so hard to read this book before Easter and even though our busy semester only gave us time to get through the first few chapters, it was such a good reminder for us during those weeks leading up to the greatest holiday ever. Also, teaching our Sunday School class has been an awesome help because the past few lessons have all centered around Christ, his Atonement, and Resurrection. <<< I just spelled "resurrection" right on the first try for the first time in my life! One s, two r's.. One s, two r's..

Anyway, I just want to say that I have such a strong testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ. I know that he lived a perfect life on this earth, and suffered for all of our sins and transgressions and sorrows and I know that he was resurrected and I know that because of Him I will be too. I know that my Redeemer lives!

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It was a great weekend and, yes, Stefan is awesome (we all know that by know) but his wife is also pretty darn amazing.

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