April 03, 2014

The past few days I've been thinking a lot about how there is no "right" way to do things. And how maybe it's cheesy for me to say it, but life is really beautiful that way.

The other day I pinned this little quote on Pinterest which sparked a lot of thoughts I think I'd already been having: "A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms." And maybe you've pinned it too and maybe you know that it actually says, "A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms." But surely you also know that doesn't make any sense, so I edited it.

I've been thinking about this regarding.. everything.

It's going to take you longer to graduate than someone else in your same program? Fine!
Everyone else on campus thinks forty-five degree weather means short sleeves, but you still want your winter coat? Fine!
Every girl on campus has twelve foot long, gorgeous hair and all you have is a frumpy mop head trying hard to grow? Fine!
It will grow..
Your new job requires a dress everyday and you just don't have enough dresses to prevent weekly repeats? Fine!

I even thought about it when we were at Disneyworld with Stefan's family. Oh, I still haven't posted about that? I'm waiting on pictures. But the related thought I had while we were there came at Epcot. Stefan's family was talking about how they didn't spend much time in the World Showcase (where all the little "countries" are) because they've actually been to those countries, so why would they want to visit tiny replicas? And my initial reaction was all defensive - Okay, well some of us have never traveled outside the United States so we really like the World Showcase.

No, I didn't say that out loud. I didn't even think that way for very long. After a minute I came back to my realization that there is no "right" way to do anything - meaning there is no "right" way to live or to travel or to visit Disneyworld. It's awesome that they have had the chance to travel the world as a family so much! It's equally awesome that my family has flown/driven to Utah too many times to count, and that's where our family vacation memories come from. It's a little more awesome than those Utah trips that some of my family was able to go to Disneyworld last year and meet Aurora in the World Showcase. It's awesome that I get to join Stefan's family in traveling now, and it's still awesome that the World Showcase exists for people who can afford Disneyworld, but maybe not international trips.

And so even though what was said was more of a joke than anything else, and at first I let myself feel dumb because I never have traveled outside the country, in the end it helped open my eyes more to all these things I'd been thinking. No one needs to compare their life experiences to anyone else's. In the wise words of a Facebook status my friend posted months ago and which I saved:

"The name of the game is this: you don't need to be ashamed if you don't know something that seemingly the whole population does. Whether you haven't been taught it or you haven't had the opportunity to be exposed to it, it just hasn't happened in your life yet and that is that. The responsibility that you have at that point is to learn about it, or make the choice not to. It's a decision, and you decide who you are by your choice."

Sometimes I'm so bad at comparing myself to other girls at BYU. Girls who have better grades, cuter wardrobes, more impressive work experience.. And what good is that doing me? I have a few things going for me, dang it.

I have a beautiful, blooming life! If I want to change my life or make myself a better person, it shouldn't be based off my comparisons to someone else or the feeling that I need to measure up or compete with them. I should bloom in the ways I want and bloom to the best of my ability and be proud of that.

Because nobody would love a world covered in nothing but six inch tall red roses. Especially not me. So bloom, everyone.

In other news, one of Stefan's friends came over to visit a couple weeks ago. And he brought flowers! How charming is that?


Denise said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You are wise beyond your years, Dear Friend of mine! I will always love YOU just the way you are....exactly how you are!!!

Danica said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love the idea of "bloom people" and coming into your own. I hope you know my mom was kidding by that comment. She would be mortified if she thought you or others really believed she felt that way. (She's actually avoided some trips that my dad has for business to really cool places just because she's worried about what others will think if she goes on another big trip around the world. Which I think is silly but she's just worried about being perceived as a snob.) I know that our travels aren't the real reason we dont spend much time at Epcot. That's like us not going to Mexican restaurants because we've actually been to Mexico. In actuality I think we just prefer the other parks at Disney so we don't spend too much time at Epcot.

I think of you as very confident so it's a nice reminder that we all have insecurities. It's nice being a newlywed couple and getting to decide how you'll "bloom together" and establishing how to live your lives and raise your kids in a certain way. I love your blog and writing style...keep the posts comin'!

Lesa Emmett said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I agree, you are really wise beyond your years. Sometimes I'm just very proud of who you are becoming, and I'm so happy I get to be your mom. :) I love watching you bloom!

Savannah:) said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love this! And I love you. Definitely needed to read this :)

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