make your own spring break.

April 17, 2014

When Stefan's family was making plans to go to Disneyworld in March we didn't think we would be going with them, but then we did and we are so happy and grateful and still excited about it! It was really fun to surprise most of Stefan's family once we got there too. We has to miss a little bit of school, but when BYU doesn't have any spring break sometimes you have to make your own. Also I successfully crossed off my entire Disneyworld to-do list for the weekend:

Rice Krispy Treat
Tower of Terror at night
Expedition Everest
Castle Show
Festival of Fantasy Parade (Stefan was so nice to stay and watch this with me when everyone else left the park! My favorite part was the three good fairies from Sleeping Beauty. How are they wheeling around like that!? And their dresses were killer. Also nice Maleficent dragon, and I liked how Phillip was down fighting, but where the heck was Aurora? The cast member at the gate told me she was "off sleeping!" ba-lone-ee.)

Oh and I stole every single one of these pictures from Ali. Thanks Ali!

^^^ van de Graaffs love the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

^^^And I love the castle show.

^^^Stefan and I sat front row on (our first of three rides on) Splash Mountain. Pretty soaked.

^^^Heaven help us, somebody move that crane! Why does it always seem to be there?

^^^By now you're probably wondering if I wore the same outfit every day..

^^^Just the same jacket and shoes. 

^^^ non-van de Graaffs (+Claire) only for the teacups.

^^^Rapunzel... bathrooms.

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