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April 14, 2014

A couple weeks before our wedding I was hired at LDS Philanthropies! For weeks I had been applying for jobs like a crazy person, so I didn't even really remembering applying for this one when they called to set up an interview. I had also just been offered a job at The Wall on campus, but that basically would have put me back in food service.. So I jumped at this one!

After two rounds of interviews they offered me the job. They already knew I was getting married really soon, so they told me not to come in until the Wednesday after our Thursday wedding, which I thought was super nice of them right off the bat.

So for the past two months I've been the Student Staff Assistant for the BYU-Hawaii Team at the Provo LDS Philanthropies office. This team hasn't had an assistant for a very long time, and having one all the sudden.. it's been an adjustment for all of us. So far I've made powerpoints, done a lot of data entry, transcribed notes and old documents, sent lots of e-mails, made copies, shredded a few papers, sent mail, filed once or twice, helped everyone move offices.. Youuu name it. It's been a good experience! Everyone is really nice, and I like feeling as if even the simple work I do is helping a good cause.

This past week Stefan started his new job at Boostability in Orem! He is a... hold on, let me ask him again... He is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist. So he looks at companies' websites and helps them improve their SEO. (Like when you Google something, everyone wants to be the first name that shows up in their category. He helps them get there! No one wants to show up on the second page of a Google search..)

After one week I think he really likes it. I think it sounds like a fun place to work. Tons of employees his age, they all kind of sit together at the same table I think, they take breaks for meetings where they play games most of the time, he got a free t-shirt his first day.. Plus Boostability gets all these great ratings non-stop. Best place to work, fastest growing company.. I don't know all of them but I do know that any time Stefan tells someone where he's working now, they usually recognize it and they usually tell him how great of a company it is.

So for right now our plan is to stay in Provo for the summer. Originally we really wanted to go somewhere else, but we feel pretty good about staying. Just two more days of classes and then finals next week and then summer!

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