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April 01, 2014

Yesterday felt crazy for me and Stefan.

We had both just missed a bunch of school, he lost his wallet (that story is on its way..), the end of the semester is sneaking up on us fast which means papers, group projects, one last midterm and then finals, that never-ending list of errands to run and things to clean or fix around the house.. You know? You know.

After a very confusing conversation yesterday about whose car was parked on which side of campus and who had whose keys and how we were going to get home, we both just started laughing. 

I told Stefan our lives are a mess! 

And then he told me, "You know what the good thing is? Before, we both would have had to do all of this alone. Now we get to do it all together! So that makes it at least a little better, right?" Right.

Incoming cute picture I took of my husband when the view from the top of the stairs was pretty.

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