our wedding: the help

April 11, 2014

I'm kidding! I thought it would be a funny title. They weren't "the help." But can I just say they were all a big help?

I'll start with my sisters. As if I haven't raved about our flowers enough, did you know Ali did all our flowers? And I'll also give my shout out now to Dani and Courtney who live so far away, but made the long trip with their husbands and all their little ones too. And all the little ones looked so cute! I hope in the end everyone felt all the dress-hunting for the girls was worth it.

I think Paige was the first person I told I was getting married. I'm sure no one else had even guessed... ha. Way back in October, after our Disneyland trip - which was when we pretty much decided - I called Paige as I was walking to school one day because I had to tell someone! aaand.. Molly didn't find out too much later.

From the beginning - literally from the first day they met Stefan - my sisters were such a huge help planning this wedding! I mentioned before how they took me dress shopping, and I think I disappointed them when I didn't try on more. Then they surprised me and came down to Provo the day my dress came in so I could try it on for them! That same night we went to JCW's and basically planned the entire reception in one sitting. It only lasted a few hours and luckily JCW's has all those TV's so Stefan had something to do while we planned. I knew he was listening though because every now and then he would comment or suggest something.

After that it only took a few quick (ha!) trips to Hobby Lobby and a million hours at Paige's house ripping fabric strips and printing pictures and painting letters and stealing picture frames from the walls and tying fabric banners and me over-thinking everything and look how great it all turned out!

Paige also took our engagement pictures and some "bridals" for us and you can bet Molly was there as her assistant, posing us and making us look really great, both times. We also spent a long time at Paige's house designing the announcements. I don't understand Photoshop yet, but Paige is a wizard.

I could write a ten page essay about everything my sisters did to help me with the wedding. All the phone calls and e-mails, advice and suggestions, all the shopping - like when we were wedding dress shopping and I had forgotten to put deodorant on that morning so Paige literally ran across the parking lot to buy me some. Maybe that should have been an embarrassing thing for me to admit on the internet, but how nice was it for her to do that? (I still use that deodorant, it's my new favorite kind.)

Also as I was typing all this I thought about how helpful my sweet niece was, too. When we were at Hobby Lobby she spotted all the chalkboards which ended up being one of my favorite things at the reception! She also helped rip fabric and paint our wooden letters. All of our nieces were so cute at the reception - drawing lots of pictures for the wall, taking lots of polaroids of everyone, and not to mention all their dance moves! I was also really happy Polly caught the bouquet... Well, she and Lindsay "both" caught it - how neat! ;)

Speaking of bridesmaids, what an interesting thing this is in our Mormon world. As much as they all offered to help I never really knew what to say besides finding their own dress to wear. But they were all the biggest help when it just came to listening to me vent or making me laugh when I was going crazy.. or driving across the country to be here to the wedding! Planning a wedding was hard, and even if I tried it again a million times I could never do it perfectly. (Because there's no right way to do anything, remember Erin?)

But from what I hear all the bridesmaids and all our friends who made it to the venue early were a huge help setting everything up! I'm sure I haven't even heard half of everything they did, all I know is that everything looked killer and I largely have all my favorite girls to thank.

Did you honestly think I would write a whole post like this and not mention my mom? She gets her own post, coming soon.

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